Thursday, 15 December 2011


Structures of society have usually evolved over time, been devised or created or melded into folk law and religion which has since died a death or become redundant, and whilst they often reflected some good and salient aspects of life then, have little if noting at all to do with today. The model for which they were first invented has become obsolete and traditions  have held them together which there is now by default a 'fall out' and a dichotomy of life which people constantly struggle against.  The most common of these are dictatorial countries such as the Middle East which has a coupling of tradition and culture with a religious bias thus it's never going to be free as it literally would be a contradiction in terms. But even in the West we have structures and ideologies linked with present day self generated paranoia, hype and ego all woven into our governments of today, all interlaced with the media and almost all of it has  soaked up the populous. The result of which is that for many years the majority of people went along with the popular views proclaimed by seemingly knowledgeable politicians for the good of the country its well being and the health of the nation, jobs, welfare, status, security and everything else. However somewhere down the line these credentials of yesterday have gotten side tracked with vested interests, stilted views, corruption and a world which has totally different views. The parameters and boundaries have in many cases changed beyond recognition as have the intentions and development of nations and technology rendering not only different rules but ways in which life is played out and harvested.

Even at low levels of society there are defacto structures and rules which have no base whatsoever other than those made up by individuals that have 'stuck', so by default people have to "seemingly" enact the game whereas there is no validation whatsoever for them to do so, other than putting a few 'noses out of joint' if they don't. It's all these so called 'old and made up' structures that need tearing down, giving lightness and an air of respectability to life, a freedom for people to interact at a greater and warmer level and leave fewer people not only less stressed out and frustrated but  less disadvantaged because of the gross selfishness that it brings about. The complexity of today is forever mounting with pseudo stupidity of political correctness, instigated by the pointless brain dead amongst us, the rights of criminals over victims, the rights of illegal immigrants over the indigenous population, and so it goes on and the government want everyone to be happy to keep their vote, such is their weakness and two faced approach. We have today some of the weakest politicians and dubious legal structures and company leaders in history. Company leaders seeking short term ism for self gain, then out they go, and it's all quite legal.

The liable cases against the press and media have hit an all time high, as desperation forces reporters and the like to not only lie and make stories up, but stalk, hunt, prey, induce, set up, exaggerate. hype, play act, enhance, and anything else to entrap their prey for a story. It's all fair game, they follow you on the way up then watch until you crumble, although many in the media don't need any help in the stupidity market as they are often ahead of the game themselves and deserve little sympathy. But what about the average punter, what about them? The bottom line is that one needs to firmly take a grip and not accept anything that doesn't have credentials of value or which is not legal. Those 'made up' entities serve no one except the few who try to uphold them for self purposes. The thought of "what will others think" in executing a deed is not valid, provided you do what you need to do from a good base then you have a right not to be held back by others short comings. This is what happens in very closed societies and results is not only negativity but lack of development and movement, i.e. the population stagnation.

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