Saturday 17 December 2011


There's the very short version for this or the eternally long version of it too. The short version is if you believe in God (any one will do - as most never been blessed by any of them especially Muslims who get ignored by their God but they follow by choice) then you know the answer already as to what life is all about, regardless of your belief. You don't have to know the technical details you just know that we are here because of God and the divine plan. It's a bit like driving a car or being in an aeroplane, we don't need to know the technical aspects of how it works to know that it exists and is real and most of us have been in both many times and still haven't a clue as to how they work. Then of course we have another breed of human being who "needs to know" either because they have that desire of "needing to know" and many people fit that bill in the curiosity stakes even many of those who believe in God. And then there are those who believe that they originated from a big bang a while back (and most look like it) they are a mistake of natural causes and of no real value or purpose, and won't rest until they have got to the bottom of it all and solved it so that it can be consigned to next Christmas's best selling Blue Ray DVD or whatever the latest media format is that has been devised by some Japanese company. However the so far elusive Higgs Boson particle, that prized possession will end up as usual as just another avenue leading to more questions, that's science in a nut shell, but at least it keeps scientists busy and science magazines and TV doumentary makers in business.

Of course in discovering the Higgs Boson particle the whole of the creative process will be known and God will be proven to be a pure marketing control ploy by man himself, life will theoretically get appreciably better and we will have a surfeit of scientists who won't have anything to do. Or will it result in a discontented populous who will be lacking a purpose and a new unfathomable mayhem will emanate that will be elusive to everyone, despondency and unrest will be the new cause of everyone as morals will not have any back up. Society is already becoming defragmented and unlike our computer where we can sort that out, it will not take effect in the human system as things are going to get far worse. This is not depressing nor negative news it's a fact of the time line continuem and evolutionary state that man is experiencing. This is above and beyond the hypothetical States of science, rancid useless governmental blurb and all totally alien to the media, except they can constantly lie about the future to make up stories based on unrtuths to sell more advertising space.

Having sorted life out in one paragraph, everyone will know which way their thoughts lie, even if they believe in God (and mostly that's lip service) you can still be interested in science, although it doesn't always equate the other way around. Meanwhile for everyone on planet earth until such discoveries have been confirmed or rejected life goes on and in a big way, after all the here and now is all you have. We have only one chance and one life to live and what you do and don't believe is paramount to your views on life. Already religions are fragmenting badly as some are showing cracks in the system that regardless of who believes in what, if nothing good ever happens to you (over and above what happens to others) or you live in fear then your religion / belief is rubbish. Many people are fearful of what they hold dear with regards their religion for if it is proven to be worthless (which most are) then what's left for them, all of which will be revealed in the not too distant future by their own inadequacy and darkness of life, hence unrest and religious violence exists already.

The secret of life is yourself, whether you know or not what life is all about you have to live it, if you have any compunction or belief in humanity then you will have a moral code built into your own ethics and understanding. The phrase "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is prime for we want to be at peace with everyone and have the confidence to move forward. Life is a mixture of different states, different levels and mentalities but the common thought is exactly the same even for the disadvantaged and often the disadvantaged are their because of how life is, not a deliberate plot against them by society nor any untoward events. It doesn't at all mean it's acceptable but education and strong leadership are the only weapons that can be used and both are sadly missing. Our belief structure is of prime importance no matter what you believe, because without a purpose to follow everything one does has no meaning and becomes totally materialistic and then the humanity aspect slowly diminishes until the self becomes alien in its own environment.

The human condition is "Love" based, for without love we are no better than robots or drones. Where religions preach killing and destruction it is actually a form of Devil worship as God is supposedly the ultimate in Love, you can't have one doing both. Choices and ideology reign supreme but many are falling to instability in the stakes for grounding and inner personal security. If our mental health goes then so do we, hence so many have a belief even if it is this "New Age" or "Universe" type of thinking which is basically a cop out concept as it is something to latch on to but requires no rules or conditions to follow. You are your life, your decision create your future. Your beliefs are yours, in fact everything is your unless you opt out and farm it off to others, blame culture, pseudo-religions or anything else that happens to take your fancy.

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