Tuesday 13 December 2011


It had to happen somewhere and soon, that the general populous are getting fed up of staid, dull, bureaucratic diktat that is either out of date or deemed to be expedient by neurotic elements of the political society who only wish to invoke regulations to please themselves. The abject greed and dictatorial stance in the Middle East which was termed "The Arab Spring" will long continue until the end of this century and then will not be resolved, in fact the mayhem will get worse unfortunately because the ingrown and religious instability is endemic. Russia will likewise go through the self same events as will indeed China but these two countries have no compunction to use force and kill at will as there is nothing that either country will not stop at to keep control the way it is. India will have its own "Spring" against the vastness of corruption that exists because it can easily exist, Pakistan is due for "melt down" as it's so drastically unstable and living in another era plus natural devastation's will only increase yet further isolating the country and the helplessness of its population and those that believe but never see any difference nor get help. In the USA its own 'Spring' too will take place as in Europe for slightly different reasons, but never the less the reasons are reflected by the people. And for the rest of the world including Japan changes in national thought and the way things have been will be altered considerably by protestations because governments are too slow and dull and bureaucratic to effect change by their own merit, preferring to acknowledge as politicians do but haven't a clue as to what to do.

Our own personal uprising needs to take place also, the way we think as individuals and how we manage and enjoy our life and our contribution to society as a whole. What you put in you get out, and because life for many is so fragmented loneliness and depression are often the results of the self not being truly in harmony with what's going on and being a part of it. It's beyond selfishness, it's a literal 'foreclosure' of ones individual life not having the impetus or excitement or desire to do anything, almost a creeping lethargy that subsumes the mind and body bit by bit everyone keeping to themselves so that they get into a state whereby their comfort zone is reduced to being alone and anything else is a step too far. Even our vocabulary is interfaced with excuses and 'blame culture' models that are spewed out as a defence against failure and fear of trying something and then not knowing what to do. People are literally crying within at the state of their lives and the nothingness that they seem to be ever wading through trying to find some degree of light or hope or purpose and even those that are doing relatively well at times find it can be too much, but still get to grips to pull back from the brink of despair.

There are two futures out there, one is bright and rosy the other is dark, dank and depressing, we have a choice as to which one we take. Regardless of political circumstances, the banking systems, the state of the economy, the rising prices, the global instability, the world in which politicians live, and regardless of wholesale corruption and desperation, there is a life for yourself and a good one at that. As individuals we can do nothing to change what the media display, but we have absolutely full control of who we are and what we do and how best we live within our circumstances. There are no excuses to be made because we are the instigators of whom we are, we live in our minds so there is no internal interference in what we do or say, even if we follow others is purely and solely our decision. It's all about taking back ownership and being active with it and not being a self proclaimed passive recipient of what others do or say. Our education system fails many in that it teaches English and maths to a degree yet fails to teach humanities about how we interact and that itself is very rapidly changing because of technology. The default of that also plays a very important role in how we communicate with one another and that also has an effect upon loneliness and depression. If we never meet other human beings and interface in the flesh we will lose a lot of our own inner self which is what humanoid sentient life is all about. Take away human interface and we are almost back to an android state as we can't profess and feel the real emotions that we need to become stable and whole.

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