Wednesday 28 December 2011


It's strange how tradition brings on New Year celebrations and all those useless and well meant but never kept resolutions. There is a technical side to the New Year, it's the calender start point, the Gregorian calendar, the point on which we base all our meetings and events so that anyone the world over can understand when to attend and be there with everyone else at the same time. It's also a point which advents the knowledge that we will be all one year older sometime during the coming year, like it or not. However, in reality it's a beginning every day for a New Year, we don't have to wait nor put off anything in life based upon immovable dates and times, we are movable as people and thus can effect change in our way and via our direction when we feel like it. For many the start of the year is a mixture of joyous feelings as well as a degree of melancholy too, celebrations and then payback time follows, plus in some parts of the world the weather is dark and cold which isn't the best of environments either. But like everything else, how we view life is down to us, it has to be because no one else can view life for us and whether life is good or not so good we do ourselves no favours being miserable from every angle and point of view.

There is a tremendous amount of material in folk law, mysticism, religion, cults, earth magic, traditions, satanic rituals, ancient cultures of Egypt and Mayan and Aztecs, and so it goes on. Predictions for the future are based up time as decreed in years and there always seems to be a reference for whatever reason towards the New Year and where the earth is placed in the solar chart and the alignment of other planets, some information of which has proved very accurate over time regardless of its merit and base. The Gregorian time line is for us mere mortals who almost rent our space on planet earth for a very short while as the bigger picture dictates time values of different proportions. Where the term billions encompasses the overall collective of humans it renders the singularity of whom we are and our purpose as beyond being of any significance, a mere grain of sand on any beach nearby could almost represent who we are in respect to the coastline and as far as we can see, but it goes further still.

Technology has brought with it enormous benefits thanks to Western ingenuity and the mentality of the freedom of its population to develop and create in an environment that allows such to happen. The other parts of the world especially the religiously controlled ones rarely have anything of any significance, apart from killing, anger and hatred which seems to be endemic and just take from what others produce such is their narrow, ill formed and evilness that's a by product of control and a total lack of love. Love is the very corner stone of society, take that away from man and you have almost androids or robots without purpose and presence and being. What technology has also brought with it is the understanding that we are not the centre of the Universe and even on our own planet we have to carve a niche for ourselves because if we don't the abstract thoughts that have no explanation for some leave them bereft and almost panic stricken as to purpose and fulfilment.

The subjective view that the New Year is a new start is a good one, cast off the old - mentally - and start a fresh, build upon a better and more productive future with a more open and yet determined mind that will with a positive attitude produce better things all around. The power of our mind should never ever be overlooked, many never associate mind presence preferring to think on the lines that somewhere "out there" lies an answer which they seek but rarely ever find. Self awareness opens and unlocks doors one never imagined existed, but that's after and only after one discovers what the mind can do. The New Year  is almost etched in stone, we as individuals have latitude, a latitude that can transform where we are to where we want to be or even better, don't allow yourself to held back yourself or constructs of others or set material patterns, a New Year new begins every day. Happy New Year.

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