Wednesday 7 December 2011


Anger, by its nature is very emotive, it can draw up from within  tornado of ill feelings, desperation, frustration, stupidity, revenge, untold acts and deeds of thoughtless motives. In fact it can turn our minds Topsy turvy and if we allow it it to take over command of our actions and then life for some will never be the same, it can even be the instigator of future illness. Feuds, relationships, wars, egos, greed, failure, disappointment, all the negative emotions fuse together to form an Armageddon structured ideological thought that can self fuel itself for quite some time and for the few can smoulder on for years. We all at times get angry at something often for the best motives, we get annoyed at unfairness, greed, ill treatment, injustice, and other actions that we deem not appropriate. However these are just feelings and whilst at times they spill out into emotional outbursts by and large we contain them within and occasionally mention same in passing to vent our feelings and get a degree of acceptance from others that we are not alone with such thoughts.

Every day we come across aspects of life that are just events that happen and lead to frustration, it's called life, and everyone has a different life even if it appears that many run parallel courses. We get let down, we get disappointed, we get left out, we get overlooked, we don't get chosen, we get cut off after having waited for 20 mins on hold listening to awful music, we don't get satisfaction from something that went wrong through no fault of our own, and so it goes on. We even get our gripes with fellow human beings at their apparent selfishness, thoughtlessness, lies, deceit, lack of interest, badly behaved children and their badly behaved and thoughtless parents, short cummings, and again the list goes on, it's part of life's rich tapestry. The bottom line for all of this is how we manage our anger, and what we think of ourselves, because the two are interlinked. If we have a busy life we are more likely to take stuff in our stride because we just haven't the time nor inclination to make a fuss about something and put our energy into getting upset, we have better things to go. If we have time on our hands and have little to do then we can make a meal of it all, and regurgitate it it time and time again. And in between all of this if we do suffer from selfishness, greed, ego, arrogance, then of course we make it a personal crusade and 'just go for it' as we feel we need appeasing at all costs because our self esteem hardly exists and thus that void need filling.

Then there are those who when get annoyed or angry feel they have to state their case with immediate effect as if to punctuate their life state and want others to react accordingly and say out loud "I'm really angry". Now to mention that you were angered by something denotes a conversational aspect of your feelings at a certain time over a certain situation or event, but to relay it to just about all and sundry is selfishness personified as it wants support or special favour which most will not to give as it will lead to darker places and then implicate themselves. If someone is angry or has a "bee" in their bonnet about something that's for them to deal with, you are not a sponge nor a "fall guy" to their predicament of negativity. Often anger is subjective too, what gets up someones nose may leave someone else unmoved and nonplussed, so there is always a value. What is true with any negative emotion is that if it is not dealt with it can tear you up inside and spoil your life either with immediate effect or unfortunately for the long term too. The knock on effects can be dire as then everything becomes a target and subject to ill comments or a complaint and so it goes on, so ignoring them is by far the best way, after all why should you be part of someone else's game of devised woe.

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