Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Isn't life just so good, the myriad of things we can do with or without money is almost infinitesimal, it's amazing that we can not only look after our minds, body and spiritual needs for no cost in our lives, but seek enjoyment, untold happy events, excitement, sleep well and laugh freely without let or hindrance from anyone else. The sheer joy of life is so overwhelming, those wonderfully uplifting feelings, those bursts of joy, those elevated stances of enhanced presence of the self, watching and caring for others and feeding on the reciprocal benefits of what humanity is all about, it's just mind boggling. Take away our wants and desires and fashion accessories, which are all very nice and great too, and just see what you have in your life without them. Do you still have a buzz or are you left with a cold and damp look upon your face not wanting to face life without them. The chances are that you don't you feel great without them because habit has crept in and you feel somewhat naked. But if you really feel that life will never be the same without them then you have a shallow inner existence that will get worse as you get older and statistically you'll become more unstable and possibly have less (if any) real friends. But it's a choice you make so blame no one else other than yourself. Everyone is different but that doesn't give you permission to exclude yourself to make things fit the bill the way you think it should.

Why then is there so much loneliness or self created depression, why is there a sharp increase in personal selfishness, those that keep to themselves, do nothing or little for anyone and end up cranks and misfits in life. Why is it that people fall out more often and that most people call acquaintances friends and in reality don't have any friends at all. Why is it getting more and more that people are lying not to deceive for personal gain but to create a facade of who they think they ought to be and not what or who they are? Is life becoming so fickle that individuals aren't even that secure in whom they are or are they getting more feeble and living an almost constant lie rather than enjoying where they currently reside, because if that's true it's a reason why many suffer from mental depression. And then there's loneliness, most of that is self created, not all but most. If there was ever a volume of books that would outstrip all others there's one which would be entitled "EXCUSES", all self generated and built up upon a premise of nothingness, and being upheld by equally flawed motives and tactics. The more excuses we make the more we move away from stability and the way forward to a better and happier life. And for the cynics and morbid who never let go of failure the glorified doom that you are holding on to life will get worse and for many will be an abyss that they will never emerge from.

The human being is both complex and simple at the same time. It takes at times very little to make us really happy and it can similarly take just a little to make us sad too. In between there are variances in life that we control, manipulate, deal with, create, develop, understand, get to grips with, cogitate over, and decide what the value is of what we have taken in and either reject it or go with it, or at times just put it on hold until we have a better picture as to what to do next. Of course being happy is paramount, and those which constantly decide they can't be happy because of the list of things they have accumulated we don't want to know about as they are often "emotional vampires" prying on others for their entertainment and energy, all of it leads to dark pathways forward so it's advisable not to follow no matter who they are. We shouldn't either buy into or be a part of media speak which like the wind changes at short notice and more often than not smacks of hyped negativity because they feed on the vomit of society as opposed to the nectar that's abound.

Positive people naturally attract other positive people and in the same vein negative people attract negative people, it's easy to spot either in ones own family or amongst friends those that are always or predominantly bright and ebullient and those that hit the other end of the scale with very quick 're-set dull' stances. Of course one only gets out of life what one puts in, many people despite what they might think about themselves put little in and many decide not to put anything in because they are sceptical about getting positive feedback, this is just such a low selfish attitude that it really stinks. If one can't do anything with a good heart then it's really not worth doing as eventually that facade of motive will show through and all will come crumbling down. There is for so many a fine line between happiness and sadness that they are continually analysing what to do next, whereas the really positive don't have to think such thoughts as it's all a natural feeling, a natural aspect and deed to do what brings in joy regardless of others taking it on board or not. Life is fabulous, unless you decide it's not, unless you decide there are credentials that stop it being so, then it won't be - ever.

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