Thursday 8 December 2011


Whatever we think, whatever our views are, whether our politics are left, right or centre, there is a value to life over and beyond what we immediately see or pass judgement upon. Whether we buy a cheap packet of biscuits or a top of the range prestige car behind both lies a team of people who make a living from putting it all together. Everything has a value to someone somewhere and if our views are judgemental we are negating someones job somewhere as if they are dispensable because of our views. Of course there are in life morals (they still exist) and there are work ethics (which still exist - ish) which vary considerably from the third world where most people are grateful for an income to the  West where people today are also becoming more grateful for an income than ever before and where people suffer from more "respectable" and sophisticated illnesses and conditions such as stress and mental illness because of work pressure, as opposed to 'slave labour'. Everything in life has a value and all values are not equal as most individuals set their own value level in life and suffer because they decide upon something that is either beyond or below their abilities even if their credentials for setting such goals are admirable or well intentioned or just plain crazy and selfish.

There are two extremes in life both of which are horrible in that they reflect an unstable and unripened inner self and not the bigger picture. One is subservience and the other is being arrogantly judgemental, both for the same reason but from opposite ends of the spectrum. Both are embarrassing to encounter and both neither do justice to themselves nor others and engage by default those that can take advantage of each other, just because they can. The more life evolves the less tough people become and demand higher thresholds - and safety nets -  than their parents might have done and as such are less capable in making out in difficult circumstances. Whereas those of a more cultured and knowledgeable background would breeze through as they inherently know how to tackle life and any temporary dips that they may encounter. The educational systems today don't reflect today, they assume the past where many people leaned home skills from the home, but sadly that's not in evidence so home skills need teaching to give people more strength within themselves and less dependence of what's on offer even if that's a real alternative.

The middle ground today is fragmenting badly, job skills are very much in evidence yet life skills leave many completely impotent and incompetent at anything to do with life other than just pull through by default rather than design. Governments as usual are always last to affect change and when they do they believe that it's something rather grand and pushing boundaries, yet it real terms their focus is on keeping afloat with the electorate rather than the problems at hand. Governments are forever awaiting reports costing exorbitant amounts of money, running late and getting it wrong or predominantly missing the point. Lifestyles change, the supermarkets are becoming notorious for peddling deceit at all costs, and the values of society via our own social system and courts is way out of line with public thought. Thus defaults in unrest and disenchantment and unhappiness to a high degree are the subliminal effects of out of touch politicians, but it happens in all parties.

Values cut across all grounds, not only in finance but in what we do or say, our deeds for others, our inter-communication abilities, how we respect others, how we feel about situations and what we put ourselves out to do. Reciprocal feelings of benevolence and harmony only come from those that do, those that don't feel frightened because "giving" even of the self is a self created fear. Life has an enormous value and if we don't join in with that value then we will suffer in the long term with depression, anxiety and loneliness which are areas affecting many already. Creativity comes only from positive sources that have values, individuals seeking positive sources to go further or develop, despot countries do create but its war heads and mechanisms of failure as the future for them lies in a nothingness as they have nothing to uphold.

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