Sunday 11 December 2011


During our lives we meet so many people, all shapes, colours, sizes, attitudes, ideologies, religions, ethnicity's, cultures, and so the list goes on. Each and every person having thoughts on who they are their lives and what they would like to make of them. Our goals can vary quite distinctively from when we are children through to our teens and then beyond. En-route in life we see opportunities, we pick up skills that are surprisingly simple and easy for us that we had previously never thought about and we come across people who are conduits to a life that we didn't know existed. Our progression or evolutionary process can be very dramatic yet at the same time it can be an encumbrance too in that whilst we move forward we struggle it's as though our road ahead is via a muddy pathway and not that of a super smooth highway. Some  however seem to "effortlessly" propel forward, others even when holding on to tangible plans have to stand and fight for their cause. It's a matter of what life is all about, it's what we do as humans and it's about those who strive against the odds no matter what they are  and are those that eventually succeed and reach their own val halla, the rest like chaff just float away to where their comfort factor takes them and strategically analyse why it never happened or what held them back, in both cases the answer is nothing happening within yourself.

Some people are blessed with being bright and cheerful almost all the time, whilst others can be quite the opposite, although it's amazing to find that dull people rarely seem to think they are dull and look upon those that stay bright as something a little weird, it's all about mind concepts about the self. Like water we tend to find our level in life even if that level isn't what we would ultimately like, but never the less we find that level and for some a permanent dichotomy of thought usually prevails because of it. At some point in our lives we have the opportunity to help others, this to some will bring an instant shiver down their spine and it does happen, it's not merely a financial thing, it's a giving of your time, ability, knowledge, presence, company or whatever it is for that person or those other people. It's all a humanitarian thing, and it's nothing to do with being generous in the charity boxes either even though that's an admiral thing in itself. The Lighthouse Effect is whereby you as a person radiate a presence that others pick up upon, it's something that you exude to the extent that others can feel and see from within what you are about even if they have never met you before or know nothing of you.

We all have abilities both mental and physical that we never ever use and it's unfortunate as these abilities can bring so much happiness, presence, satisfaction, harmony, love, camaraderie, and a feeling of belonging in life, all of which many rarely ever get to experience because they shut them out preferring to try and enjoy the practical over and above the spiritual. Preferring to follow their compatriots as opposed to being themselves, preferring to follow the press advertisements as opposed to doing what is expedient for themselves, being too nosey and following the lives of others at the demise of their own, all of which leads to a lowness of the self and an almost on going presence of being below par and uninspiring. We are our 'shop window' and what many display emotionally isn't that striking, whilst the outer display may look a 'million dollars' the mannequin holding the image up could do with a 'makeover' as that's what the clothes should adorn, not the other way around.

Fortunately there are those who are beacons in our society, not the self righteous ones who because they helped someone once feel they are now "guru's on the subject, but those that just give off a presence of well being, hope and an aspect of life that for many onlookers is yet to be achieved. Once touched by such people others too can effect that state of higher living with less stress and anxiety and even more success and literally see for themselves that the over view of life is far greater than any self centred insular aspect, which many clutch on to for the fear of losing it. Your life starts and finished in your mind, make sure it's up to date and wholesome otherwise your internal 'sat nav' will steer you into a place that has no reception and no direction for you to get out of.

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