Monday, 19 December 2011


There's no doubt about it, many people are seeking, not necessarily actively but never the less seeking some glimmer of hope with regards where the future is going to take them, or what the future holds in store. It's nothing to do with New Age mumbo jumbo, nor is it to do necessarily with insecurity, it's to do with how they feel about life and how they see those that seemingly are in the driving seat but somehow have their "sat nav" tuned to a different route. All the reports in the press and media point to contradictions and depressing news, which is nothing new as the media is a professionally depressing medium today, but the overall bias is made by people for people to read and that's the alarming bit. The increase in social and self ability with regards mental health, general health, politics and all the other areas that the government see as a threat every second of every day is often just too much of a dull backdrop for life. Governments don't today instill confidence and whilst they may try "their best" to inflate the economy it never really works out how it would be expected to be, especially as much of today's recessions are man made, not actions of God or natural phenomena, it was all deliberate even if the spin off is how it is.

Of course the good news, I'll repeat it, the good news is that for the majority life ahead will be good, however the residual level of 'down and outs' for whatever reason will remain, as it does in every country at almost the same levels. We have within our midst a changing planet, whether it's statistical as many scientists tell us that what is happening now has happened before, or whether it's the "save the planet" brigade or "global warming" boffins, who knows, there are so many vested interests, ego's and again that nasty word 'politics' involved, who believes who any more. Maybe it's a mixture of all these things or maybe it's just the way it is, and man's own ingenuity will surface as it usually does. "Necessity is the mother of invention" and that's usually how progress develops, not by back seat drivers living on a hypothesis and literally expect everyone to follow them blindly, when all previous situations have been proven wrong, corrupt, or just 'good jobs' for those that are in it themselves. There's no doubt about it that the seasons and the climate are changing but then it has done since year one, so it's no revelation here.

As individuals we need to feel secure about our pathway in life, that is of great importance and it's up to governments to make sure that it has safety nets in place and strategies that are more than just 'good ideas' spoken with political rhetoric, which usually means a speech written in advance that leads nowhere. Our communal well being must be secure too free from adverse troubles and undue influence from cranky and religious sectors who are brainwashed themselves. The spiritual aspect of any ones life is of great importance whether they believe in God or whatever, for deep within we need some mechanism by which our internal gyroscope keeps us upright and moving forward. If there is no spiritual pathway, not New Age rubbish or Universe talking garbage, but something more deeply profound, if that is missing we tend to lose control and our stability once off course leads us to destruction without anything to stop us en-route. Already in societies around the world killings for any reason (other than war) are mounting up many without due motive and often not even pre-meditated. Where life is cheap our minds see no barriers to what can be done especially on the dark side of life which beckons those that lose the plot.

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