Friday 16 December 2011


Yes, the subject of happiness has come around again, like breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between, without happiness it's like going without a meal, we feel that emptiness within the pit of our stomach, that void that needs filling, because if it isn't filled we tend to veer off course and then that's when it all goes horribly wrong. Books on happiness abound but all are futile as happiness is already an intricate part of who you are, you are borne with it. You don't need a book or go on a course to find your stomach so why do something so stupid to find happiness when it's built in already. For those of the population who profess to have a brain and a working model at that, you have everything to give happiness a go, you may not be exactly deliriously happy every second of every day but you can effect happiness all by yourself and enjoy life come what may. Of course we have choices so you can choose to be moody, unhappy, selfish, self centred, greedy, evil, envious, deceitful, egotistical, arrogant, and all the other negative emotions, you have loads to choose from so find those which you tend to dwell on and have honed to perfection over time because these will be your downfall - fun isn't it? The biggest problem you will ever have to face is yourself, even if you think there is something else more pressing at the moment, because if you do you are wrong. How you deal with whatever news or information you receive is processed by your brain and then it decides what to do. Whether to be disappointed, unhappy, slam doors, cry, shout, be rude or just be nice regardless because all the negative traits will not in any way change nor alter where you are, except perhaps make it all worse.

Of course it's not nice to face financial situations, illness, bereavement, relationship problems, employment problems etc, and yes it can have adverse effects upon ourselves, it's not rocket science understanding that, and yes it can bring us really down, some more than others. But at the end of the day you either give in to your emotions and wear them as a symbol of your negative life situation, or you wear YOU as a symbol of whom you are regardless and still smile, and that really does make a world of difference. Now for those miserable idiots who will be saying "smiling won't bring in the money I need" or anything similar it goes to show what real self proclaimed failures you can really be without trying. We all need help some where down the line and statistically those that have positive attitudes get far more help, far better breaks, far better promotions, far better offers, far more friends (real ones not so called acquaintances), and indeed far more of everything good than the miserable crowd who wallow in their own negativity and usually stay there longer than anyone else. Our minds and the effect of a positive mind is amazing as is our "shop window" that is how we present ourselves. If we look like a lump of (something not so wholesome) then we are going to be ignored or by passed because that's what happens. We tend to like what looks good not an excuse for what isn't, we can muster up excuses of our own and need no prompting or stories from anyone else.

Our life is relatively short in the grand order of things even though certain areas of it feel like it's an eternity although it's nothing of the sort. We know when we are happy life zooms by, and when we are not it drags, but time is constant it's only our perception of it and understanding of it that makes the physical aspect of it appear what it is. We can buy into happiness and it does make a difference. If we need to punctuate our lives with unhappiness as some do to make a statement it's usually for a few initial reasons, sympathy, default support, fear of failure, ego and arrogance, laziness, looking for special favours - usually free, because we are selfish, because we are lonely, and also because it can be habitual too. You can actually get a "melancholic high" by residing in a mood, which many moody people do, it doesn't get you anywhere and the long term implications are that it produces bad health (which is then a real base for consternation). So ignore the moody let them stew in their own juice, you are not buying into it, you respect yourself too much, and those around you.

The simplest and silliest of things can make most people happy, either from friends, loved ones, children, situations, or just as aspects of life that one finds amusing. Laughter is one of the best anecdotes to lift the soul and raise the spirits, in doing so life automatically falls into perspective and one can then see ways forward as opposed to looking ahead and seeing nothing but obstacles. Turning obstacles into stepping stones isn't that difficult with the right frame of mind, but a negative mind forecloses on life seeking only that which is dull, evil, dank and below base zero, and below this creativity does not exist. Of course like is full of choices, even if the range at times is incredibly small, it's making the right choice, the one with positive steps forward that always wins the day, even if it has repercussions, results and life are not guaranteed to reside on a level playing field.

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