Thursday 1 September 2011


Are we getting weaker as a race or is it that we have arrived at a state whereby we are so insecure that we have become pathetic people, because it appears that everywhere you go someone somewhere is getting offended and upset about what someone else has said. And the very sad thing is in most cases is that neither party know each other so it's not personal it's just a general comment made, and in a free speech society (excluding the useless politically correct morons) that's what people do, make free speeches. There are of course some religious parties that make life a crusade of whinging and moaning and complaining and only have to show that they are at the bottom of the human league and God had forsaken them years ago. But why is it that people get upset so easily, and why is it that people get offended? If someone is fat and they are called at being fat then there is no offence made, it's a truism, like it or not that's the way it is, telling it in a different way isn't going to change the fact. One can't go around masking away the truth as if it didn't exist as that is definitely not a way forward. Nor can one command others to speak in more subtle or softer tomes as that smacks of a whole range of unsavoury aspects of control and narrowness. The saying 'the truth hurts' isn't true, the truth will set you free, free from the burdens of having to make things up and living in a cocooned world of self thought, even if that self thought is wrong. The trouble with most people is that they think that their comments are valid, and whilst indeed they may be to an extent one can't speak for everyone as personal circumstances, thoughts, feelings, ideologies come into the structure of reasoning as does being ignorant, stupid, selfish, arrogant, biased, and all the rest.

The more one is in control of one's life and has a reasonably good definition of their own self esteem, then what does it matter what others say, after all what some people say including politicians is nothing more than tomorrows cheap newspaper fodder for recycling. If one has to dwell on negative or subjective comments that don't fall into alignment with self thought then it's usually a reflection of your own state of mind and life as you live it, which says a lot about you specifically as a person. Unless there is something specific to say on a specific topic, making statements for the sake of it opens the self to everything seeking the darker side of you which usually results in people thinking that one is unstable, which often has a grain of truth to it. However "out of the box" people are often ridiculed until proven totally correct by the less knowledgeable and dull. The quality of a statement no matter what the content is speaks volumes about how it's delivered and by whom and for what reason. In fact everything we say is a reflection of ourselves, we are our "shop window" whether it's business or pleasure and it's not so much as to what we wear because circumstances dictate different apparel it's how we wear it all that again tells just so much about us and how we outwardly think for ourselves. What and how we say distinctively tells others if we are tough cookies or wimps, it's our delivery and stance that subliminally throws it all in place and finds that comfort exclamation within our contextual reporting.

The more we make of others content the more we literally allow ourselves to be subliminally manipulated by others thoughts and feelings, the vast majority of whom are of no value themselves. The occasions that words do strike a discordant and derogatory note are very few and far between. Riding over and above others is by a long shot better than entering the affray because we feel somewhat slighted by our own inferiority and insecurity. It's often what others do and say in relation to "blase" remarks that people look for and if nothing happens in retaliation then it's more often than not "game over". Like playing tennis - catch the ball walk off - game over". The moment one hits the ball back (retorting) the game starts. It's a celebrity game for anyone, "wanting to defend their reputation", the bottom line is a) what reputation and b) who cares. Similarly no matter who you are and what you are anyone can say something trying as the press do to start an action they can latch on to, hoping that it will develop by default. The very "best" people in life allow almost without exception stories to ride and die from lack of their own ammunition and rhetorical fuel.

Dignity and humility and strength of character are becoming almost rarities in society, with so many onlookers judging from afar or being back seat drivers in a car with no steering wheel. Self created ideologies, religious undertones learned off by heart with no understanding, plus all the other "sheep type" learning gives rise to banal and stoic opinion that leads nowhere and going nowhere are those that severely criticize then wonder why things never happen for the better in their lives. When one has purpose and phlegm and self understanding it literally throws up the microcosm of others and where they live in a very tightly controlled narrow existence that has no bearing on anything let alone their own lives.

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