Wednesday 14 September 2011


Every day we are closer to whatever is to happen to us, time has a way of ending the past by default and allowing the future to begin afresh, it's only our own obstinacy that holds on to the anguish and self created barriers that literally stop us going forward. It can be seen on a grand scale every day in the Middle East where hatred and anger is almost a part of the inner feelings of the populous hence the eternal unrest and massive insecurity. But for us more humble souls, time is something we can make the best of and not see it as an obstacle that we need to be this or that by a certain date otherwise life will come to an abrupt end. Of course our created deadlines some of which are imperative are often done based upon what we deem is expedient in our lives, it gives us something to aim for even if deep down we do little about it to make it happen. The trouble with many people is that life goes by in chunks, it's only after we have been though a chunk that we realise how that chunk affected us and why it happened the way it did. There's no room for regret in life other than a cursory moment of self reflection as regrets hold no value what so ever and can spark elements of self pity which is pampering to our negative emotions, all of which never does us any good at all.

How other people live their lives from afar may seem so distant from our own even if we don't like that person or their lifestyle it's just so different from our own. It's easy to judge reported garbage in the press in today's headlines as it's cheap fodder plying stories of others to fill the voids of the voyeuristic punters  that have little in their own lives and are usually not so self assured in the process. It's important to make the best of each day no matter how minimal that may be, allowing our situation to form our current character is giving in to failure or mollycoddling our inner self for gratification that we can't find elsewhere, it's sad but this happens a lot. It's called "feeling sorry for yourself" something we have all experienced at some time or other in our lives. The worst thing ever is to have reached the age of retirement and then to reminisce about what one would have liked to have done that was within one's grasp and have never ever done anything about it. Even very successful people have such thoughts and if not put into check it can have a very adverse effect upon the rest of your life being happy and fulfilling. It's nearly always better to have 'had a go' at something and for it not to have manifested than to sit on the side lines and eternally procrastinate or intellectualise about it.

Life is to be lived, there is no option here, we don't consciously think "shall I live my life well or not" it's a bit of a "no brainer" yet many people actually accept to live a life of a substandard quality based purely on their own mind thoughts and nothing more. Excuses by the dozen as to why they can't or don't or why it's OK for others but not them, the number one boring conversation that speaks volumes about them. How we look at life and to some extent our religious thoughts - if we have such - can form our existence and our happiness factor within it. At any stage in our lives we can start anew, we can be a success at 12 years of age or 70 years of age, and of course anytime in between, we see it every day. The real problem for many is that a degree of financial success doesn't always lead to an inner happiness that's a permanent fixture, or that those who never make it but enjoy the ride can have degrees of inner fulfilment that more than compensates for the outcome. Of course there isn't a "one size fits all" and the mix n' match scenario of life is almost infinitesimal in combinations and ways it gives inner completeness or shallowness.

Our life is ours, it's not a product of what others think or do, it's not a duty to parents or family or others, if there is love in the equation then everything is solvent, there is a wide and undeniable understanding that causes a deep harmony and knowledge that's shared by everyone. Where there is a dichotomy of understanding there is a strong reason for it and if it's traditionally based or religiously based then there is no love, everything is selfishly purveyed for the self. This is really that imperative self thought - not a selfish thought - but a self thought, the thought that only you can think for yourself that gives life a meaning over and above rhetoric of a detached view point, something that others flounder upon and thus reap the negative rewards.

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