Wednesday 21 September 2011


Most people have a limit within themselves of how they would like to be or what they would like to do in life, anything else is down to daydreaming. We know ourselves better than anyone, we know our likes and dislikes and we know our fears but not always our strengths as at times we take what we do well for granted. We also know our little foibles such as being frightened of needles for injections or fear of flying or whatever it is that outwardly doesn't show itself to the world or even close friends. Whatever media we choose to partake of television, radio, newspapers and magazines, our phones or tablets, we see others doing what they do from a perspective of designer delivery, news is very rarely just presented as it is. Most news has been washed, tumble dried, toned, sifted, elasticated, bleached, enhanced, spray dried, tweaked, and then some more as to how the various media wish to portray it and which 'hook' they have gotten into their mind that they can hopefully 'run' with the story and milk it for every last drop they can. It's all becoming dull and forever boring especially that 90% of the news is predominantly negative so it's loaded that way to give it more gravitas and feeling to sell more copy. But when it comes to our own lives it's a totally different story, we are the living version of news ourselves, our day isn't scripted nor is our life even if we plan ahead. Whatever we do or happens to us is in 'real time' and there are rarely any chances to have re-takes as it all is what it is, good or bad.

Many people don't actually realise how good they are at something in life, whether it's just being a kind listener - which is rare today as everyone wants to speak, or that their inherent traits or learned skills are far above the average of those around them. Much of how we think emanates from early childhood and our family base, whatever that consists of. As we get older we have the ability to gain our own momentum but whether we take advantage and do that ourselves is purely down to us, thus many people get passed over in life's chances as they hide behind a smoke screen that they have set up themselves. Life is not fair, we are not born into a world where attached to out little toe is a guarantee should all go wrong call this freephone number, this is it warts and all. Then to crown it all there are the "gatekeepers" in life those that on appearances select others for positions in accordance with a remit, often negating really clever people as they would not fit in with an image yet given the opportunity would transform current mundanity into something grand.

However the reality aspect of ourselves is, our left hand brain may be a powerhouse of incredible facts, figures and ingenuity, but is the right hand brain capable of making it a viable proposition or are we doomed to a constant thought of something better minus the ability to capitalise upon it? There is no doubt that out there in life are currently some absolutely fabulously brilliant people whose far sightedness transcends those of current "think tanks" or supposedly 'clever' people who are consigned to companies and organisations to see how the future could potentially evolve and where society and brands would be placed, along with all the other associated aspects of life too. It's such a shame that people predominantly only recruit people who are on their wave length and almost always overlook the really gifted seeing them as alien to the overall plan, which they are not privy to anyway. And worse still many great thinkers almost always fail the psychological tests that many corporate entities use as a guide to recruitment eliminating the aspect that they are trying to seek out, the human element of advanced communication and emotion and far sightedness.

Life is a series of 'taking chances', some large some small, but it's only by taking chances that we get inner security. The ideal position if we could by magic just be in it without any stress related gamble doesn't exist other than in our dreams, so unless we know where we really stand then our current status quo will be forever the same. We can attain a great position in life and actually surf it for many years enjoying what we do  including our freedoms and possibly our remuneration. Then bingo, one day we wake up and it all means nothing anymore, what we had was great, but it's all in the past, the future is now a place of daunting and whereas last week it seemed assured, today it all seems another universe away and alien in thought and form. Our desire to now be further up the ladder is of great personal significance and seeking an entree into this new world is like being back at school and waiting for next term, except in our case next term won't arrive, we have to develop it for ourselves.

All momentum in life is within us, it can't be anywhere else, opportunities exist all over the place all the time, so it's up to us to seek them out even if at times it's a blind stab in the dark. Over 80% of all jobs are not advertised, so those that seek get, those that do nothing get nothing, it's not rocket science here. Our value and our desire again is purely ours, so it's up to us to take charge of whom we are and seek potential, cast off the No's, learn from the feedback elevate ourselves and raise our profile, and if we can't do that then who we are has to be re-evaluated and our own personal thoughts re-assessed. The route to success is often arduous and at times down right depressing and frustrating, but then success has its plush rewards that far overcome all of these and it literally separates those who do and those who don't do. The ball is as always in our court.

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