Tuesday 13 September 2011


Everything we say has an infliction pertaining to our thoughts and feelings, even if we copy verbatim someone else's own copy it's a decision on our behalf regardless of the content of it or the way in which it is being reported. Our comments give so much away about who we are and the way we think, in fact just listening to opinionated people is like listening to a story of what makes them tick. We see it quite often on television the way reporters report a story it quickly indicates which way they think and how they as individuals think. We read newspapers that offer a slant or bias towards our own thoughts so it's not something new or something that we don't understand about the way news and information is both gathered and reported. We know of third world countries and Islamic countries where a few censor for the many as their self appointed duty to uphold a fantasy of an ideology that has to interact with those that don't hold such views. It almost brings new meanings and highlights the word pathetic, never the less it's the dark side of life that unfortunately breeds an even darker society that creates nothing from within except emotional unrest.

People who talk incessantly have a habit of not only getting on others nerves but continually outlining their stance on life which like the wind is prone to change at short notice. Words without great thought always allow our inner personal traits to surface, and from that those with a modicum of intelligence can surmise what and how they think based upon a base premise within. For the large part it matters not because in reality very few people have any bearing or substance when it comes to our own lives, in fact if over 98% of people who you had ever seen on television or heard of even those around you died, life would still carry on as before. Yes there would be hiccups but the queues of those waiting to take over are already bursting at the seams and could possibly do better jobs than the aged die hards that stay in  jobs because they can.

The very eloquent and knowledgeable are always very precise and distinct with their answers whether they wax lyrical with colourful descriptions or are almost in a monochrome mode, it's their delivery that makes them who they are and the tonal quality is usually quite upbeat regardless of the severity of the content being spoken. Those that can hold such eloquence and timbre are real pros when it comes to enunciation and linguistic content, unlike the 'motivational speakers' who try to raise the tempo artificially to get a response but once that dies down so does everything else. We all have points of view about aspects of life, so it's not difficult to spot those that don't share our views, just the odd word here and there, the stance of a statement, the voice control and tarnation all show exactly where we stand even if said in  jest, it still plays out and we still pick it up. Similarly we can pick up quite often when people are being disingenuious with the truth or plain straight forward lying, as that too doesn't resound well and that provides discordant inner feeling within us.

With friends we don't care if they get stuff wrong we love them / like them because of whom they are deep down, that's what friendship is all about seeing the best of those that mean something to us for whatever reason. We know their points of view and even if it clashes with ours it makes no difference as we turn off the receptors that otherwise would have made us spring into action and start to get us adgitated, often we just laugh at the difference in their and our differing points of view. Many the time is that silence speaks louder than words themselves, there's nothing worse anyway than superflous conversation and banal thoughts being uttered just for the sake of it. Sticking to the point eliminates the preipheral feelings that we can display about a subject and keeping the essence of the conversation to the minimum unless otherly requested or needed tends to keep one in pole position as to giving further comment if needed than having spurted it all out at the begining.

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