Monday 19 September 2011


There exists within everyone a facet of their thoughts which includes a degree of insularity, a degree of manipulated thought that comes from either family background, restrictive empty and violent religions like Islam, past experiences that one has never gotten over, or just plain lack of global knowledge - the knowledge that allows a high degree of understanding as to why we do what we do and why others do what they do. Within our thought process their are two or more areas about us that tend to meld our output so that the real true feelings about ourselves never really come to light as they are tinged with personal emotions at a different level. It's hard at times to break away from our personal emotions because that is a reflection of us either generally or temporally, never the less what ever it reflects it's definitely us. We can be incredibly creative, wild deep thinkers, visionaries, intuitives, it matters not, it's how our emotional side is placed that makes what we have as an intrinsic personal feature come alive or remain dull like tarnished silver, from the outside no one can tell what it is beneath the surface. Our emotions can at times lead us astray by tainting whom we are, or we can rest on our emotional stance so that by default we appear dull and dowdy or we can wax lyrical about 'happy' aspects of life and throw in our personal emotions as if it is going to give us a boost - because we need it.

One of the areas where people fall down is a degree of loneliness within themselves, it has nothing to do with being on your own or not having 'friends' around you, (although that has obvious disadvantages) or tons of pseudo acquaintances, it's that personal and private space that needs quenching in the pit of your stomach. Where people are happily partnered there is a different quality to the emotions that many  people use. We are our shop window, everything we do is a reflection of ourselves, so if our shop window is not that hot then that's how we come across. Of course the goods in "our" shop window are on display for a purpose even if it's all done subliminally. We reflect a multitude of different areas and we soon realise that if we put out the wrong image it can have dire consequences. It's how we wear ourselves, two almost identical people wearing the self same thing, or completely the opposite attire will hold themselves differently and it's only the dull that will ponder as to why their image is so, but the recipients viewing each of the appearances will almost immediately recognise what they are seeing and whether it resonates well within. Whilst fashion at any level denotes an image or style what it does not uphold is what lies deep beneath which could be that of an almost desperate and destitute person who is ill, unstable, confused, upset, addictive, etc, and here lies our own ability to be perceptive, as there are always 'give away' and 'tell tale' signs.

Traditional clothing and religious clothing have no base, especially if the litmus test comes into force, i.e. you are shipwrecked on a dessert island and you only have a T-shirt and shorts to wear, then what? If there are excuses in your religious teaching that absolve you from such then it's a lie, because God doesn't have man's failings of making things up as you go along to suite conditions, you either do or you don't. Traditions stink too, they may be colourful and fun but hold no truck with how one lives today, if it 'cramps your style' then it's an evil influence and it's no one else's business as to why you do or don't do what you do. After all it's only you who can live your life, no onlookers or bystanders, including family. In a free society you have the choice to be who you are, in an "un-free" society it's plagued with failure and unhappiness and lack of development and creativity based on a few making the rules "as they see fit" as opposed to allowing individuals choose their own purpose. All societies that are religiously controlled fail, they survive but at the expense of a purposeful life and it's seeded with deep corruption and multi-standard - closed -living.

Being who you are gives a freedom above all else as it upholds you as a person and marks your identity, and whilst some seem oblivious to who they are plodding along in a monochromatic life, it actually says by default that this obliviousness is you. Unfortunately some have a concocted idea of who they are and the reality of who they are differs considerable which instantly lets themselves down. Then there are those whereby freedom is but a word, never actually encompassing anything other than a concept that is never realised, this shows to all who view them, yet rarely to those who hold such opinions themselves. The best of all wherever you are is your true self, for if that is genuine no one is going to get it wrong and ultimately you will be trusted for who you are and not what others think you are. Your ability to go forward will always be enhanced by being yourself because it will come naturally to you, even if at times where presentation is important that warm degree of self will outshine those who try to be something they are not, which always comes to light eventually.

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