Friday 16 September 2011


Most people will complain given the opportunity, and it's often right and proper not to allow that opportunity to arise within your own personal company, after all you are not a sponge nor a sounding block for someone else to have a winging moment for their own entertainment.  It's not that it isn't good to speak one's mind nor get something off your chest in order to lighten the mental load, but it's when it becomes habitual and constant then life really starts to drag and you become a bore to everyone around you. It's also a statement of yourself, where the mind goes the body follows and if one's mind is focused upon negativity that is by default where one seeks to tread even if it's not a direct action, it's where it leads as it's already been said and acted upon. Life has its ups and downs, one moment all seems well and another it's seeking every nook and cranny in life trying to find something that's going to lift you up to a state where there is yet again hope and a degree of inner peace and contentment. We can if we are lucky talk ourselves out of our predicament or it can be a route that's in itself quite torturous and steep and takes every ounce of inner fortitude to stop ourselves falling into that pit of oblivion whereby we need strong remedial treatment to allow ourselves to bounce back. Fortunately for most of us either way we do bounce back.

We all have a literal quality of life, that is the one we are living right now, we have a subliminal ideal, where most things that give us peace and security would all be in place and we feel it's what we would enjoy the most, and there is a virtual reality version, one which we flip into and out of depending upon prevailing circumstances, conditions and our current thoughts. It's highly unstable and it's one where many people reside thus their lives are forever unstable and full of few highs, lots of lows and perhaps extended times of seemingly 'nothingness' and importantly degrees of emptiness and shallowness and especially for single people they find it hard to make relationships a reality. It's got to be said, life is what you make it, it can't be anything else, you live your life no one else ever does nor can do, so how you think and feel is paramount as to how you make the best of how it is even if it's far from ideal. Keeping a positive attitude regardless, something that needs to be fostered and worked upon does dramatically help uplift the spirit, even if it can't be quantified or indeed qualified scientifically, happy people are always better off than the dull and sad people who bring on much of their own misery themselves. Happy people give off an air of approachability and ease that even strangers find welcoming especially when help is required. Negative, dull, mean, selfish people which is a considerable amount of the population give off an air of "warning" that others keep their distance because they are not too sure about the reception they will get if approached or if any form of contact is made.

Life whether rich or poor is a relative entity, there are no hard and fast rules as to what makes some people happy or satisfied and others quite the opposite. Where some see the horizon in life as full of potential and exciting things others see it as a dread and something to be wary of, the horizon is what it is, it's our perceptions that make us think and feel the way we do. Ego, arrogance, selfishness, greed, and in fact all the other negative emotions always have an effect of pulling us down, it thus only takes a slight knock in life for that effect to be magnified greatly and then all hell lets loose. Our dependency on drugs, alcohol, self harm, weirdness, false ideologies and the like only compound what is causing us distress, yet we are at times oblivious to the facts of life because of our egotistical attitude and the worst of all an almost total lack of love. Where love is in evidence almost everything is possible including happiness as an adjunct, it goes with the territory. Where an absence of love exists it's sheer darkness, like some of the religions of today that talk of love but deal in everything but. Love has to come from within it can't be given from the outside because it hits an almost Teflon coated wall where it just washes off, so strong is our self created world of smugness and darkness that we succumbed to a macabre existence, with its horrible consequences.

Like attracts like, groups of people live within social circles, this can have a profoundly positive effect it can similarly have a grossly adverse effect and too much of hyped existence with false perceptions and ideological flippancy and camp rhetoric is a recipe for long term disaster as age plays a part which no one sees except until it arrives. The ingredients for bread including the yeast are a synergy that work well given the right conditions, the yeast can be used time and time again. However like life move too far from the "norm" and it all goes terribly wrong as many have found out to their own dismay in aspects of their own lives. A good life can exist within the mind framework of current visions, but if we once allow a free fall situation to exist where illusions take a hold then nothing will ever be right and we will be forever prone to addictions, habits, dismay, degrees of unhappiness, bouts of depression and stretches of negative thought.

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