Monday 26 September 2011


We all have dreams and aspirations and even at times wild dreams that take us to places just bordering on fantasy, none of it does us any harm and in many cases it's good to allow our minds to take a walk on the wild side and see how far it can go. After all if we continually hold back and put ourselves down by checking our "down time" thoughts we never really attain anything in life or ever see potential or possibilities. Within our thoughts we have goals, some of our goals are just potentially based ideological points where it would be nice to aim for given the right conditions and opportunities, others are very loose concepts that when all else seems to fail or becomes a bit thin we can latch on to and not struggle with degrees of nothingness which can cause great consternation and at times panic. Stability in life is a very key issue for it's instability that causes the mind to dysfunction in that it perceives more often than not views, comments, situations that give rise to negativity and 'taking things' the wrong way. We then engage in 'mind talk' and then all hell lets loose, and we either 'lose the plot' or become morose and increasingly judgmental or angry because we feel disadvantaged, even if we are not in any way so.

Ego nearly always stands out a mile, we see people on television or in the press and at times have to literally take a step back and think "did they really say that" especially in the scripted and manufactured "lifestyle" programmes which are designed to make fun of unfortunate people because it's cheap television - Zoo TV.  We have an option to watch such programmes but we don't have an option as to not engage with life, even if at times we opt to keep ourselves to ourselves. Ego is one of an attitude problem where often ego is a massive cover up for gross insecurity and at times ignorance, it can though be something of a "hard wired" issue in that the person(s) concerned have always been like that and it's never mellowed with time. That they never see any other side other than their own, and anything that doesn't come across selfishly as "me" orientated hits the "I'm not having this" button and off they go in a tirade of defending themselves when in reality very few if anyone at all gives a dam, in fact it's mostly stupid and embarrassing.

Being self assured, confident, positive, outgoing, bit of a showman, etc, is still a far cry from being an egotist, where ego has no credentials other than what's self induced for whatever reason or whatever inferior aspect they feel that they have to put right for themselves even if that person is indeed knowledgeable, it never pans out as such. We all have some ego and we all have some pride too, not the pride denoting upholding of a quality but that of having to at times take a deep breath and ask for help in an area where we would rather not have done, it can feel belittling and lowly but often it's met with a very warm and uplifting response far from what we would have expected. Again our own perceptions can at times be so far out of alignment that we do ourselves no favours and suffer needlessly because of them or allow our own ego and pride to take precedence over what is expedient. Egotists rarely acknowledge or even think they are egotists such is their constant fight with anything that doesn't go their way no matter how small it may be, peace is not an option their inner burning desire to make a comment or complaint has to be quenched. For the majority of people however managing ego is something that can be effected very easily by just applying simple thought, and of course applying 'love' thought always helps because then everything is put into perspective even deep atrocities, and how to 'make good' comes as a natural route to solving or rectifying what was wrong without the sheer anger and emptiness that ego feeds upon.

Being fastidious and demanding is for many a depiction of ego yet it is only someone working to higher and more exacting standards than the average punter who has no such demands in life and can't 'see' what is to be achieved. Such thought separates the doers and the followers in life for exacting standards are what many industries rely totally upon for them to work efficiently including fashion which is an industry based upon personal judgment, and how far removed from logic of any description is that, and where ego and expediency almost meld at times into one as does humility. Similarly in medical and aviation and scientific professions, exacting standards promote life rather than be cosmetic adjuncts within an industry. Presenting ourselves to anyone opens us up to how we think and feel and the first comment we make sets the pace for how we are perceived subsequent comments add to that and very soon everyone is getting acquainted with everyone else on a subliminal level as well as on a level of communicable skills and understanding how each other thinks and perceives life so to re post accordingly. Ego rarely takes into account any of this, the egotist just goes in with full force because to them they are the only ones of value in the group or meeting everyone else is incidental. Engaging brain and mouth is always a wise move, it's not difficult as they are joined together and with correct adaptation can produce wondrous results with the interception of thought in between.

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