Tuesday 6 September 2011


Ever felt that you are treading water, that life could be far better and that that thought is not just a wishful thinking whim, it's a very real concept that somewhere along the line there's something missing. Ever felt that your abilities could be best utilised elsewhere even though what you do now is possibly quite enlightening? Depending upon our outlook and importantly our inner stability is how we view life, if we have good and possibly creative thoughts and our life is generally good throughout then we give off good ideas as a general opinion. If we are predominantly entrepreneurial then we may put into place a scenario whereby we make our ideas work, it's not that difficult in that our ability to do so is part and parcel within us. And then there are those alien sheep who have a whole range of possibilities and potentials who swan around on planet earth holding on to dreams of often great magnitude but can never or seldom see any way of getting them out and developed.

There is today a great unease with many people that they are not fulfilling their lives adequately, their is something missing a piece of the jigsaw is lost and that is giving rise to an internal discomfort. It's not that for these people life can't be happy or that that they don't enjoy life but there is that little bit of grit like that stone in your shoe that is their constantly rearing its head when life becomes becalmed. The condition of our mental health is vital in that if it is out of sync with life or how we feel life is to be (which could be way off line with reality) then we are forever going to feel that life is elsewhere and we are just making the best of it no matter how good it could possibly be. The feeling of unrest has no bearing on circumstances or our situation it's a deeper involvement with the self, our abilities, whom we are as a person and an unclenched inner self that needs something more than what it's getting right now. Purpose has a great part to play in our own definition, no matter what we feel we need understanding and that needs a greater space in which to work.

Our personal environment which includes where we live, those around us including friends and family, our work place, what we do, and anything else has for anyone creatively speaking an influence upon them. For those that wish to plod on in life it can be almost a Utopian existence, why would anyone want more. But we are governed by our inner feelings which are pre-programmed to some degree, how we elaborate on that is down to us. The $64 ooo question is what do we do to give ourselves that "quench" factor that would almost instantly gives rise to a feeling of 'wellbeing' and 'betterness' and satisfaction, that feeling that induces an almost constant smile as opposed to those pincer like features of those walking around perpetually deep in self thought and are at times 'out of it' as far as instant thought is concerned. Single people, over 30 are more prone to these feelings than most, although it's not an exclusive situation. How our inner thoughts are assimilated makes a world of difference and it's this assimilation that many can't get to grips with.

Life is holistic in that it's never ever just "one thing" that needs to change even if there is "one thing" that predominantly is a cause, if that "one thing" was rectified over night, it would change much but it would not solve a problem or it would introduce others, our narrowness or short sighted vision in respect to ourselves can leave us in a permanent state of "just one more thing" syndrome. The human species is love based, often that's never ever part of any equation even if it includes wanting a relationship, the relationship is often just a cold thought and love is something that's assumed? Giving of the self is another aspect of life that many today tend to view with an accountants eye, itemising what you did, they did, she did, he did and then make decisions based upon those credentials rather than those from the heart and whatever imbalance occurs is irrelevant as long as you uphold what you need to do from a good place others will have to live with what they do, not you. Those that think they are generous are usually not and those that say nothing are usually kinder in heart, and those that shy away from everything to do with giving whether of themselves or financially just stew in their own juice permanently hoping but selfishly wishing it will never happen because it would break their selfish lifestyle which is more important to them than anything.

There are of course solutions to becoming more inwardly "quenched" there are self thoughts as to why these feeling emanate and these  can be modified without major difficulties by one's own ideals and thus place a new horizon encompassing everything one wants into it and still enjoy a better feeling than the present. There are many ways to make what's to come more rewarding and understanding and make it easier to cope with the present on any level. There are very personal things one can do almost in an instant as to not going down the "age related" routes to making life get more defined, narrow and selfish as time goes by. There are many solutions out there, just because one doesn't know doesn't mean they don't exist. And those who have excuses scribbled at the side of them all, heaven help you.

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