Friday, 23 September 2011


One of the essential proteins that holds us all together is Laminin its visual structure is that of the cross,  but more importantly is what it does for us, it's a "glue" that holds us together, one of a number of base substances that keeps us from falling apart for without it the co-joining of other proteins wouldn't bond and its whom we are at a substrate level. It's there whether we know it or not, it does its job without us aiding or abetting it, if we never realised that it existed it wouldn't matter one little bit, and for the majority of people they will never ever know of the substance nor possibly anything more - ever. There are many areas of life we take for granted some through sheer ignorance and some we have an input towards yet do little about because of outright laziness, arrogance or feel that it's not that important in the grand order of things as it affects others more than ourselves so why should we bother with others, they can look after themselves we have more important things to do in life for ourselves. The effects of laminin reach further than a base glue, we need a glue in all areas of our life for if we are disjointed we end up with a mind like a jigsaw puzzle all fragmented and in bits, often to the extent that we never really see the bigger picture, and when that happens we starts to fragment ourselves.

The result of mental fragmentation leads to instability, insularity, depression, loneliness, anxiety, lack of future, lack of purpose, lack of trust, a lack of happiness, religious oppression (because we never know the truth and just follow blindly), sadness, feelings of we are not in control of our lives, we get upset easily about world events - events which we have absolutely no control over, we develop a really bad attitude problem (if you haven't already got one), we get short tempered with those around us, and so it goes on. The cohesion of life itself makes us become a defragmented entity held together at a base level by laminin but at a mental and spiritual level there's little that holds anything together at all, and there's nothing that any kind of psycho-babble will do to place the pieces back together other than allow you to part with your money.

Life is what we make it, we build every day our future, time ticks by whether we like it or not, and putting off today for tomorrow often has dire consequences. Having said that patience is a virtue as some aspects of our future we have to grow into, maturity, understanding, knowledge, presence, etc. It varies from person to person and if individuals are selfishly motivated friction and unrest  develops and also personal time agendas may not coincide, leaving overlaps which if not understood cause panic and even anger at times. Love, that base line for the whole of society allows the free flow of understanding and gratitude to work to allow us to see the 'bigger picture' and thus ground ourselves where mayhem could have arisen, it's our forever present "Spiritual laminin" it binds the good and allows the bad to be discarded keeping ourselves afloat even when turbulence is all around us. It fortifies, upholds, warms, tempers, comforts us, it substantiates us, it keeps us from fraying at the edges, it stops moodiness, it promotes healing, it affirms right from wrong, it promotes happiness and stability, in fact anything that's good our "Spiritual laminin" is there at work, and for those who are mean of spirit - it's free.

Our outward response to life should be forever positive, as that's where good things lie, the moment we start to detract from that stance is the moment that the conduit to negativity opens up, it doesn't mean we can't say what we feel or cast an opinion, but once that action has been done that's it. Labouring on negativity always creates a bigger mind entity that just keeps us away from solutions and good things naturally coming our way. The body already possesses laminin, it's there from birth, but love is for some an illusive element that they dare not engage for fear that the lack of it at any one time will be almost overbearing, which it won't, engaging with love is a permanent asset to life itself and allows us to transcend areas that we once would fear to tread otherwise. The route to being wholesome and great lies within, it's not a temporary situation when all goes well, it's far more than that, it's a feeling that resonates within all of our body and provides a haven of well being, longevity and inner peace that others can latch on to too. Anything that radiates from the heart is positive, our hearts must be love filled for if they are not then we are at the mercy always of discord, unrest and perpetual aggression against an invisible life force that we create for ourselves. With our "Spiritual laminin"  we actually become stronger as a person with a firm resolve, steadfast fortitude and an ability to negate the little hiccups in life in favour of what really matters. It's all self perpetuating, if you let it be.

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