Sunday 4 September 2011


Depending upon our point of view and the way we look at life is the way we structure our thoughts and feelings. It has nothing to do with our "outward" feelings that can be bright and gregarious or dull and dowdy, it has more to do with those inner thoughts that are so personal to us all. It's those inner thoughts they we constantly utilise to compare the thoughts and feelings of others to ourselves, it's all done subliminally, and whether it's business, social or we actually 'fancy' someone there is that constant comparison to see where we lie and they lie in our placement in life. We can agree within ourselves to 'get on' with someone who we really don't like - not that they may be a bad person - but there's not much synergy between our inner feelings and them, even though we have to work closely with them. We do all of this in a blink of an eye, and think little of it, it's how we move around in life and it's what we do every time we meet someone. It's nothing to do with judging others nor forming "first impressions" either it's all that information that we give out about ourselves without hardly lifting a finger. The human being is a fantastic transmitter and receptor of information, we don't have to be psychic to pick up atmospheres and temperaments of others or situations, it's just that some are better placed mentally to 'see' such things than others, who almost cut off that ability because of inner narrowness of mind.

There have been endless experiments in the scientific field some quite way out as to our thinking process and what we do and don't pick up, especially those who achieve this information from different places. However, the trouble with the scientific community unless equipment is devised to capture such ethereal data it's all still theory, even if it's been proven in examples, but it can't be replicated, hence there is that "elasticated effect" where science at times is always trying to catch up, and where technological breakthroughs have to be made in order to verify what we already can see. That being that, it still doesn't eliminate what power we all have within us as to transcending the material aspects of where we are and just being super observant in situations and being able for want of a better explanation to 'read' into a situation with astounding accuracy, not just leading off lead questions but being able to retort upon aspects that no one has mentioned nor possibly commonly known. This is not rocket science nor is it some kind of "spiritual" awakening, this is applicable to each and every one of us whether we utilise that ability or not. One of the credentials for "seeing" is not to analyse what comes to mind, hence many intellectual people almost shut themselves out so used are they to pondering over information and seeing if there are patterns, synergies and anything else, once that millisecond of thought comes into place then that 'higher' ability is instantly dashed. Of course overall feelings can always prevail but that is more of an ambient energy than something that's seemingly ethereal in nature and beyond the right here right now.

The interaction between man and his material surroundings and the intricate network of synergistic algorithmic structures almost melds as an understanding or as an understandable structure evolves that has a greater meaning even if it's not totally comprehend able how one can relate to another. Where outward appearances often hide great commonalities that are confined within, similarly our mind holds more than just memory and form, it has abilities that are above our sheer functionality which in itself is beyond just being impressive or an evolutionary chance. The higher the evolutionary state of mind one gets the better the degree of clarity, understanding and purpose one holds, it's not the same reporting from the side lines, being in the loop of knowledge throws into the fore aspects that are 'felt' more than read or drawn up on monitors to stare at and understand. It's this difference that at times separates minds of repute, those that report with conjecture and those that harmonise with the picture that's unfolding. It's somewhat like describing the flavour and smell of vanilla, one can describe its uses and technical properties but until tasted and smelt it it bring into line a totally new dimension. Many people are technically competent yet can't smell the "vanilla" aspect because of their own mind set holds back what they deep down tend to reject about life as if it's against their base thoughts, and thus never quite go far enough.

Our carbon based society has properties / substances within it of an individual nature that are technically separated by a single molecule in structure yet the products of such are so vastly different. With this in mind it's not beyond the realms of comprehension that our minds can control how we feel over and above conditional responses, our own healing, our abilities to overcome, see, hear and sense all that is around us. Even the middle levels of thought elevation such as in our emotions whether negative or positive can temporarily enhance our levels of ability to do good or evil, providing some with an uplift in mind perceptions and associated physical manifestations. Too many people fall short of themselves allowing their emotions to control them and how they feel and what they say as opposed to the other way around. Of course worry and fear reduce our ability to do anything, which is back to why "religions" don't work as faith is but a facade and not a deed of same or a conduit to God. Anything that is not positive in dimensional thought automatically intereceds in our abilities and our inner strength to do wondrous things hence many people just survive life and trundle through watching from the outside and hyperthetically assessing their lot but just in effect pass time in minor persuites as they have nothing tangible to bolster themselves in anyting outstanding, no matter what level that happens to be in.

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