Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Believe it or not there is a permanent underlying excitement in life, there are options to be happy and there are options not to be happy and you are totally in charge of them both. You are in charge of your excuses, your moods, managing failure, managing loss, managing your finances, managing your health, managing your friends or lack of them, managing your relationship (s) or lack of them, in short you are in charge of you and you are in charge of your life. No one else ever can think or walk for you, from the moment you are born to the day you die it's one thing you just can't absolve yourself from and that is how you react to life and what's in it. Every excuse you come up with is something you have devised within your mind even if it's totally and utterly incorrect and wrong in every way, it is what you've devised and decided to come up with for whatever reason. How we think is thus vitally important we can make or break ourselves just by the way we think and feel. We can even induce mild depression and anxiety by creating the negative conditions within our mind and then apportioning blame to others and situations for us not being where we feel we should be. But hey, it's our mind and whilst we think and feel in such a negative way others are out there "ducking and diving" and making it all work because they have applied their minds to do so, regardless of outside help or otherwise, they have done it.

Our minds are complete as they are, and yes we can learn more every day of our lives, but for the moment we are in we have total control over how we think and ultimately how we feel. There are the big wammy's such as bereavement, financial loss, health, relationships, etc, which can knock us for six and ruffle our stability and ability to think coherently, but that lasts a relatively short time and we know already deep down what we have to do even if it takes a while to get to grips with doing it, we do it. But for every day life we are the boss, we are in control of what we say, how we say it and how we enact ourselves to every other human being on planet earth, and from any other planet too if they beam down and join in. Our circumstances (which are always subject to change) and our situation (which is always subject to change) is at the mercy of our thoughts, do we allow outside influences to steer our course or do we take charge and say "I'm not going to get upset or moody just because something not so good happened" and then smile in the face of it all eventually seeing that it all dissipates into the ether.

It's at times not easy "out there" in the wide world but to hide behind excuses makes it ten times worse as we are building a bridge that stops in the middle and the option then is to fall off the end or turn back, either way it's totally and utterly unsatisfactory. Facing reality isn't an option either, and allowing our emotions to take over as masochistic comfort is a step too far in the wrong direction for it only aides and abets us to ponder on the grossness on nothingness which brings rise to instant mind mayhem and panic. The positive emotions give us that marvellous ability to see potential, see ways out, solutions, pathways, the "Exit" sign from where we are to a better place. Positivity gives us the ability to feel better, it enhances our immune system and gives us drive and fortitude as well as courage when we need to make a bold move. It lubricates our conversation with spontaneity, warmth, freedom, creativity, it heightens the right areas and lifts the general tone making the recipient feel good about what we have said. Everything to do with taking charge of the self and only opting for positive emotions enhances every area of not only our lives but even those around us making us "see" the bigger picture and not get bogged down in the detritus of life that serves no purpose than for others selfishness.

In the light of day it's a "no brainer" to want to be negative even though some make their life's journey being selfish and self centered and moody, feigning negative emotions to be manipulative. But we DON'T take any notice of them DO WE, after all we are not sponges to the thoughtless and pathetic, we are entitled to a great life which doesn't include others versions of "all about me". Anything negative including old habits should be discarded, that's not to say when things go wrong we should not acknowledge them, but to tell everyone you meet about the situation, followed by updates gives the problem a gravitas that it never had before and thus it becomes an issues out of all proposition and in doing so overtakes one's normal thoughts. It's all totally small minded, selfish and stupid. Everyone has options, even those that instantly say they don't because it stops them in their tracks about making up excuses and thwarts their long time fix of telling lies or being lazy which is the bottom line. Whilst we need to always be full of compassion and understanding, allowing others to 'get away' with perpetually negative conversations doesn't do anyone ever any good.

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