Thursday 15 September 2011


It's becoming more and more common that people are going around with thoughts which are almost etched in stone, that their views, their ideologies, their opinions, their whatever it is is what should be and unless anyone else has a valid reason as to why it isn't then a collision course is in the making. It happens too frequently with people who are either not happy, are naturally self opinionated, have experienced something not so savoury in life or are just plain dull, or have a technical mind that has very definite and defined views or perhaps a bit of all those things. It's quite hard going when encountering such people as they seem to be forever drawing back in life as opposed to moving forward, always with tinges of negativity as if the phrase "I told you so" was their answer to everything. Religious people can be like that especially those of Middle Eastern origin always frightened, always used to restrictions, always with threads of violence here and there, and so it goes on, falling behind everyone else. But it's not only that what makes people fall short of their own goals, after all whatever you believe or do is up to you, you are no one's slave nor do you need permission from anyone to do what you need to do. Whether or not others believe your stance is a different matter, but permission to go ahead is free for you to embark upon whatever you like, religion or not.

Dictatorships, religious organisations, political parties, etc often have leaders who have a vision of what they would like to do and why whether it's right or wrong, it's their vision and so ensconced in it are they that there are no half way measures. There are even more humble people around us who have similar ideals in life, taking life down to a check list of do's and don'ts, who try their best to make things go their way and are often very pushy as to getting it, falling out of favour en-route with those who disagree or have their own versions of how it should be which are quite different and distinct. In life we either gain friends and acquaintances and possibly onlookers on to our side and go forward with some support, or we bludgeon forward regardless knowing that no one will support our purely selfish ideals so we assume the worst and hope for the best and it then becomes an almost 'free for all' in that one really doesn't care anymore if those en-route to their own self glory get rustled and hurt in the process.

There is a fine line distinction between a scientist going all out with single minded courage - often against incredible odds - to fine a cure or answer to something of a technical nature, and there are many examples of this in history. Then there are those mainly in business who will stop at virtually nothing to attain their goal, African leaders are doing this all the time, and current Middle Eastern regimes are holding on to dear life because they don't want their cosy monopolistic bubble to burst. It's difficult talking to those who have made up their minds already, it's like the saying about the "wise old owl", "the light's on but nobody at home" and such is the case with these pre-disposed thought provoked people. Clarity of vision coupled with open thought allows the infinitesimal permutations of life to come to us, it opens the doors to scenarios and options that we never knew existed. It brings people and solutions closer to us and allows our own self to meld with a higher status of thought and ability often at levels we would not have previously have dreamed of. Open vision allows us to both commune with life and communicate better and at the same time be more accessible which has the elevation of making us appear more human in the process, which many can seem often aloof to.

There is nothing wrong with having a vision, there are many people who are naturally "visionaries" in life and can see with incredible accuracy the future events of many areas, be it corporate, financial, global, society, and others. Often such people are snubbed by academia and those at middle management levels as it's way beyond their comprehension and often frightens them instilling insecurity at visionary thought itself. There is a vast difference between being visionary and having your own designer thoughts based upon what you think, the latter often leads to disaster and mayhem, whilst those that have a natural 'feel' for what's to be are more often than not wildly successful - eventually, and it draws others into their success too, not so with the "what I think" brigade. Greed today is the corporate God, reduce ingredients / size / performance / shape, anything to enhance the financial edge to the extent that marketing is almost akin to daylight robbery, even supermarkets conjure up price structures and sales techniques to off load more products that baffle the average consumer. It's deceit at the knife edge, no morals no sympathy it's pure business, where Internet FREE downloads always have somewhere the pop up that needs a payment, except spam and that's always been a free download.

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