Monday 12 September 2011


How many people give up or get despondent because someone else has decided that "they" don't like what we do or "they" don't think it's a good idea or it makes 'them' anxious or whatever the negative emotion is that is thrown out. That those who grow up in "negatively charged" families are disadvantaged from the word 'go' although there is absolutely nothing to stop that mental stance changing and them being very successful which happens a lot. The whole ethos in life is to make good, otherwise we don't have any ability to be a person with purpose, we just exist within the cosmos of our own thoughts and ideologies and ideals. Many of which will never see the drawing board let alone become tangible aspects of life. To do whatever we do has to have a degree of our inner self almost welded to it, we have to be almost inseparable and impervious to the rough weather and the decay of time in order to maintain our desired goal. The journey can at times be lonely, it can harbour storms never imaginable and it can be plagued with gremlins that we never knew existed, but when our own protegee of thought is at stake we do whatever we have to do to nurture it through these obstacles and take each and every one as an example of learning even if the curve is at times vertical.

Breaking barriers, forging ahead can be an isolating experience when one almost becomes a Medusa like creature with eyes and ears scanning every area around trying to find synergy and form, looking for those little idiosyncratic nuances that others would past by but which to the self are the vital steps in making it all work. Many seek high ground only deeming that such an area has value but one only has to look at almost any street to see the relatively new styled coffee houses springing up selling predominantly cups of coffee, nothing glamorous in that yet it's very satisfying and sustaining and engaging. Life in a similar vein is what you make it, it's not what other people deem is good and proper - even if they are correct in their surmise and assumptions, it's all down to the individual as they have to live within their own mind remit and nowhere else. If what we feel we do has no kudos then we won't do it well and the fall off of that will be complacency and lacklustre and disenchantment and disappointment and an overall feeling of lowness.

Trying to please other people by agreeing with them serves no purpose other than lowers your own self abilities, even though it happens a lot in corporate structures, but with those around you there is really no excuse. Everyone is entitled to be wrong and everyone is entitled to an opinion, not voicing an opinion however is at times the best way out. Physically voicing an opinion actually opens one up to - by default telling everyone about whom you are and often about areas that it would not be wise to do so as it compromises your own thought processes and future stance. Going against the grain to many physically frightens them as they have been so used to "going with the flow" and be responsive to "others general opinions" that eventually they lose any free thinking ability and any inner zest to enhance life for themselves or others. Of course there is a fine line between 'going for it' because it's expedient to do so and being 'selfish', but that line has a barrier of distinction and a purpose and ultimate end with it not based upon self, even if it's a business venture or a breakthrough in some area of life.

The worst type of person is the "politically correct" moron, someone who interjects the free flow of conversation with an overwhelming attitude about the general populous with the self thought that they are bastions of society, whereas they are the dregs of growth and inhibitors of freedom. If people don't break barriers, push the envelope, rebel against staid and pathetic traditions that have no current value, overrule old religious doctrines that are upheld by parasites and demonically minded preachers then nothing would ever go forward. Our whole history is littered with success stories amid the horrors of reaching such goals by individuals and groups challenging the dull and mediocre in life, the incumbent "flat earthists" who seek only not to change because of the fear or fear itself. Breaking the mould does gain respect even if it's looked at from afar with a tinge of unease, that unease is only the inner self that sees what others are doing and the self has opted out for an easy route of "follow my leader".

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