Wednesday, 31 August 2011


The world as such has a life of its own, it will survive whether we as humans do or do not. There is definitely a move of global turbulence afoot. It's not because the Arab Spring which will still not resolve the underlying problems with the Arab world, it will just shift the movement and placement so that it looks better from afar, Islam is unstable - full stop. And yes it may open up the markets and give degrees of freedom and even possibly adaptations of real democracy not potted versions of it. But where any country has an overwhelming Islamic populous failure and unfairness, insecurity and instability will be the end result, there isn't one stable Islamic country on planet earth. But even in the West there is another turbulence that's growing daily, and political rhetoric is but that, empty words even if spoken with sincerity, if one can say that politics and sincerity can go hand in hand today. There is a real lack of World Class Statesmen and Women today, the quality of such in the USA and Europe is at an all time low as is the increase in corruption, bribery, self conceitedness and all the rest. That's not to say that both areas don't do well, they do despite the global greed of the manipulated financial sectors, which have yet to be accounted for by any government.

The young are finding it more difficult today than at any time, and whilst opportunities to start your own business are always available, it's not a mass structured view that will help or assist the many. The Third World countries will for the foreseeable future still be Third World countries even though various attributes within them may have improved the ratio between them and the Developed world will remain a constant. If it wasn't for Western Charities much of Africa would be in a far worse state that it is even now. Inhumanity and avariciousness are becoming more and more the trade marks of leaders and companies, where shareholder value far outweighs that of employee value. Where a countries overseas policy is at times in direct contrast with home policy, all this adds up to the "Unhappiness"  of the nation. The unhappiness of the nation can produce drastic and permanently damaging results that mere policing will have no effect whatsoever.

Watching the international television channels one can see the manufactured waffle that Public Relation statements and other Press Releases contain, saying what is expedient to hopefully close an issue and quell unrest, but it's no more true than telling someone who is going to die that they will be falling into a long sleep, just to avoid coming out with the truth. The quality of journalism is almost on a par at times with that of game shows, where the "press back rooms" sift and sort through what they deem will be a better delivery of a topic, hyped of course and a few imponderable statements added here and there to make it sound far more important and far reaching that the 'one liner' it could have been. Although marketing the news is an art form itself, depicting death in as many ways as one can imagine just to 'heighten' vocalised statements. After a while one becomes immune to it all, and in fact it becomes so depressing and so out of one's hands that unless watching the news is habitual, it's at times worthy of not even watching it.

Good news doesn't travel well, unfortunately bad news placed incorrectly and insincerely can have devastating effects especially on those who are troubled with where they are in life already. Being "economical" with anything has consequences, with life around you it can induce states of depression, fear, panic, anger, hatred, insurrection, and a host of other feelings. There's nothing worse than tainting life by deed and suggestion and seeding possibilities that are only that to destabilise and produce discord and disharmony. The increase in governmental and corporate mindlessness and irresponsibility is forever increasing yet governments do nothing at any level to give a feeling of security, harmony, positivity, replying via their own weakness to try and push through unpleasant bills and statutes by enhancing fear within the process and potential consequences. The real backbone of any society are the people themselves, and in turn they look up to 'strong leadership' to give them that overall feeling of inner peace. But when your own government gives your own finances and support as a first call to others then they have by default lost all credibility. It wouldn't happen in any home, so is this difference what they call "politics" the new dirty game based upon ego and self. Wanted World Class Leaders and Politicians - you must be out there somewhere - please apply!!!!!!

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