Friday 26 August 2011


We have but one chance at it before we eventually die, it's called life, it comes without Government Health Warnings, medical health warnings, it comes without conditions and it certainly has no guarantees. It has nothing to do with useless politically correct imbeciles and birth has comes to each and every one of us unrequested, regardless of what New Age people say or anyone else says. If we did make that choice we can't remember so it's pointless dragging what we don't know around with us as an explanation. We can leave all the fuddled messes of today on to politicians who seem to relish in diatribe of the moment. How we start and finish life is the way it is, it's not pre-destined nor luck based nor anything else it's all a series of situations, coincidences (which are concurrent situations) and personal effort, how it comes together given almost identical parameters can be as different as chalk and cheese. Life whether we like it or dread it it's what it all is. As soon as we are able to make our way forward it's down to us, rightly or wrongly it's down to us. Forget others expectations, forget what others do and don't do, forget what we would like to happen, forget what you read in the press and see on television, forget the "self help" books, it's what is in your head and heart that will decide what you do and how you do it. You are the only one to steer your ship - no one else. Advice, well one never ever accepts advice from anyone who has an aspiration less than your own, otherwise you will get a stilted answer full of others failings, fears and insecurities. Only positive people count in life.

As a human being where you are right now is a product of yourself, circumstances come and go, missed opportunities are in abundance, situations come and go too, but you as a sentient human being are here to stay until such a time as you cease to exist anymore as a humanoid, your spirit will have departed leaving a cold fleshy carcass behind. It's all very morbid and grounding stuff but that's the bottom line. How you think from day to day is down to you, what you see and feel and think are only your thoughts never anyone else's, even if you choose to copy others - it's your decision.Whatever breaks or help you ever get it's still you who has to walk the walk and talk the talk. The moment you die you lose the emotions of life, you lose the love element too, it has no place is a corpse as it's literally ashes to ashes - dust to dust in reality. One has the option of making life good or not so good, there are no magic wands out there despite the enormous amounts of money people spend on seeking answers and solutions to life from so called gurus who do little more than collect sad followers who know no better and give up their own thoughts for those of someone else, and of course pay for that privilege. One only has to read the comments on Twitter and Facebook and other social sites to see how many people out there are completely or very nearly completely disjointed with life and spew out diatribe about virtually nothing of value, wallowing in their own plight without any positive elements of seemingly wanting to change. It's not that difficult to change, but if you wallow on where you are you'll always miss out on the solutions, it's not rocket science.

If in this life before death you believe in God (not religious rubbish) then you will have a set of mind constructs as to how you live life and an understanding about where you are any why and the hope of the future and abilities to make it happen. If you don't believe in God then you make it up as you go along as it's all a blank canvass so one does one's best, or hopefully so. Morals are subjective even stemming from the same base, what one thinks is immoral others aren't too fussed about, so we have in society with a dichotomy of provocative thought based structures that tend to make us do and react in certain ways. The base as mentioned in many of my blogs is love, we are a love based society and falling out of love produces some of the most horrific problems imaginable. Love is holistic in that it encompasses everything even in the legal and financial worlds where love is almost seen as an enemy as it's against greed and winning at all costs even if wrong. Love is fair and just and moral and understanding and compassionate and STABLE and wholesome and happy and fun and restful and joyful and great and wondrous and alive and unselfish and trustworthy, it heals and it also makes you smile easily too. Take love away and all the opposite elements of those stated start creeping into life and make it a shell in which one inhabits and in many cases just exists on a day to day basis with a view that tomorrow is empty and nothing to look forward to. Loneliness is an absence of love and loneliness is a vast problem in the world today, nothing to do with the desire for a partner it's an inner self feeling that over rules one's thoughts on life. Living a life with a void almost gives rise to a degree of dysfunctional thoughts and feelings, love fills all voids.

In our world mental health is becoming an issue that it never once was, it's not on an illness based situation but a self caused effect based on too much information from extraneous sources and not enough solutions that have a positive outcome, it's called the "Hour Glass Effect". Our ability to process information within our present circumstances highlights problems but not proportionately and of course all problems when combined with our "emotions" all hell is let loose. It's literally "showtime" in the mind and we get bouts of sleeplessness with the "mind gremlins" coming out to dance and jive to our mental unrest and then the party really starts to rock n roll. We see it first hand with celebrities who just can't hack what's going on then it's booze, drugs, rehab, psychiatrists and it's another life from there onwards. Our life is in our hands, it's not always easy but then there is nowhere that says it would be or will be, if we veer off the beaten track then that's where we will go, if we do nothing then by default life will take us where it wants to go, so if we arrive at a destination which isn't of our choosing then we only have ourselves to blame. We are not talking perfection here just life strategies that effect everyone no matter where they are. Often causes and effects are very hard to administer to and even understand, in areas in Africa children are born by the dozen to families that still can't feed their current children then comes a drought or floods and it's beyond the pale with almost predictable results.

The differences in humanity around the world are what the world consists of. The great nations are great - as such - because of their ideology and world understanding. Many of the poor nations who are sitting on a vast wealth are inept both mentally and educationally to see the bigger picture in global terms, always introverted by greed and self value and there it all crumbles into the dust in which they already live. Life before death for everyone is a complexity of areas that most take well within their stride, but for the increasing numbers of people it is now becoming a problem of understanding that's unnerving and causes untold unrest within. The solutions are there, the release valve is there if only accessed, but it's the self that can only do it, it's not possible to utilise a remote control and then everything will be alright - unfortunately.

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