Thursday 25 August 2011


Have you ever thought about the value of your life, what is your life worth, would you be missed if you passed away today, what is your purpose on earth, what have you achieved, what have you done for others - if anything and what have you done or do do for humanity without cost - i.e. it's done from the heart?  Well we could go on forever looking at such fundamental questions and come up with a dearth of tangible and intangible answers especially religious ones. But the worst are those of old outmoded traditions and pathetic old cultures which cause gross pain and suffering both mentally and physically. In my travels around the world I've seen how families who base their life styles on religion (not God) inflict deliberately conflict as a way of life and this is still to a large degree evident both in Europe and the USA by families from predominantly the Asian continent. It's almost an evilness that seems to be "handed down" as a form of respectability and purpose even though it holds absolutely nothing within it as a form of higher elevation and understanding. It's not that some cultures are not colourful in every sense of the word, and values of hospitality are not endearing or even certain family values, but for the main part they are of another era. The value of life is upheld everywhere on this planet by the four letter word that I use often it's called "love", for without this we are but drones or robots just living to live, such as is the interface in stock markets today, run by computers that see life as black and white and with no heart whatsoever. And in the stock market computers we have "red screen syndrome" the  auto warning that all isn't going well.

Love equates to happiness, not the physical happiness of wealth or possessions but that of the heart and soul. Love sees happiness as an underlying aspect of life on earth, if you believe in God and not a man made religious aspect of God then you'll know exactly what it means. Most people who are 'religious' never experience anything to do with God whatsoever, and never will, even if they become successful, their success is no more or less than that of atheists or agnostics. And for those that praise God when things go well and when they don't go well say "it's a punishment or something I have to go through" it's beyond being pathetic as this situation affects everyone on the planet also. Religious believers - or more to the point indoctrinated believers rarely have health, peace, understanding as it's as volatile and as selfish as a none believer and possibly more as a none believer doesn't have to live up to rules that are interpreted by deranged religious leaders who are out of touch with today and seem to think they are God's representatives, whereas they are God's servants. Appointed by man himself not God, big difference.

The litmus test of freedom is that of God, or if you are a non believer just freedom. A freedom to build, create, allow, understand, develop, love (whom you like), enhance, from within, allowing the individual to progress to what they are best at and not be controlled by fear, hurt, evilness, killing, and structures that cause endless failure and unevenness in life. To tell your parents you are marrying someone outside your faith or that you are gay and if it invokes rage and anger it denotes that the love you have from your family is totally conditional and without any Godly merit. They are a failure in God's eyes, which they were all a long but just didn't admit to it living in a facade of their own desires and constructs. Their emotion of not being happy, disappointed, etc is understandable but to not be happy about your daughters or sons happiness themselves smacks of first rate selfishness and a direct destination to hell on your demise.

So what do you think of yourself, what do you think your friends really think of you? Have you really got a value and what is it? How is your relationship with your friends, brother, sister, work colleagues? How is your relationship with the world and what you hear as to what's going on. All these are quite important aspects of whom you are and whilst the majority of people "get on" with life incorporating the answers to such questions within themselves, many don't and thus struggle with life on numerous levels. Even many professional people are living with scars of the past and addictions, mistakes, arrogance and egotistical facades, lies, deceit, visions of empty futures serving no purpose but making the best of it as a choice that's only left. Equilibrium is where we best feel at ease, it's a place where we can modulate our life structures and cope with the ups and downs and still feel relatively at peace with life and can face head on life's hitches. If you have no thought about your value (other than a conceited view) then perhaps it's a stumbling point as to who you are and why your life isn't as you think it should be, these areas are usually closely linked, never perfect but invariably linked. Why anyone does what they do often defies an overall logic as it's an emotional feel within that has to be quenched even if it wasts time and needless energy. Those that "do what they do" because they can do as a means to filling in time are really treading water, those that have definition know the value of themselves and are more creative in their overall output. Inner satisfaction, meaning and purpose is ours - should we want it.   

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