Tuesday 23 August 2011


Is it the sign of the times or is it a product of the marketing of violence that the top brands push out in order for them to tap into "street cred". Or just throw an image into susceptible teenage minds that they latch on to as an expression of rebellion against the general life consensus of no hope or nothingness which governments pursue via their own ignorance and self mindedness. All through life teenagers rebelled even if quietly against the older generation, it's quite natural especially in developed worlds, it's just that today we have technology to assist our plight whatever that plight is. However the fundamental aspect of life is love, we are a love based society, not the sick and neurotic love portrayed by Hollywood and the media which comes from a script, but real, stable, harmonious, unselfish love (it does exist even for those that are sceptical). All around the world we know of love, I've been to most places on planet earth and regardless of cultures (and there are some weird ones), regardless of religions (and there are some demonic evil ones that still kill every day such as in the Middle East), regardless of settings (and there are some very hard landscapes), regardless of languages (and there are hundreds), there is a fundamental aspect of love.

Love in its pure form is unconditional, love is the base for God whether you believe in God or not, love is the universal freedom of mankind that allows us to flourish and grow and commune with each other, love does not have hatred, anger, retribution, jealousy, greed etc, in its vocabulary as an adjunct set of words. Love allows co-operation and fosters understanding, love is not politically correct nor subversive, love does not take prisoners nor hold hostages, it doesn't kill to get its own way nor does it syphon off funds for its own cause, love is honest (you don't get endless surprise charges concealed in your bill), love is open and quality based, it doesn't have secret agendas. It doesn't offer endless services and facilities then charge you an arm and a leg for what it lead you to believe was affordable or even free as part of the service, love has at the end of the day very little to do with today's commercial business. The free downloads on the Internet (spam and viruses are free downloads too) that then charge you to move on, and so it goes on, that's not love nor even smart marketing, it's deceit at its best. It's everything that's underhanded and it's devised by humans who themselves want to enjoy life free from stress, anxiety, being ripped off (like the airlines now do having unbundled their services to get more money out of you), and is there any wonder why the general populous don't trust companies anymore and get really annoyed when services are not upheld.

Governments are definitely not immune from deliberate wrong doings, where statesmen are an almost extinct species, where governors and politicians have their fingers in any pot they can get the lid off, where the press make stories out of nothing just hoping they will stick to foster their own ends, it goes on all the time. Where mankind makes kudos out of fellow mankind for the sake of greed and entertainment. And where a whole generation of couch potatoes and wide mouthed back seat drivers wax lyrical about what should and shouldn't be yet themselves are an embarrassment to society. Where religions breed hatred and control in their quest for supremacy yet their God has done absolutely nothing to help their own kind as the vast majority are forever subject to the world's worst conditions of floods, droughts, poverty, lack of education, lack of rights and basically as a whole just take from the world and give nothing back.

The mental health of many in all parts of the world is getting worse, where individuals feel lost, isolated and cocooned in their own mind status not effectively being able to commune anymore and thus wonder what its all about, who they are and what does the future hold as pawns in the rants of those that seemingly control the strings for their own devises and ends. Where love is an intrinsic part of life it governs the "evilness" and "deceitfulness" that may be levied for the sheer gain of others such as the financial and banking markets who are cold hearted and completely ruthless in their game of  "take all" whilst worshiping their God of greet and avariciousness. Love isn't a two sided coin where you do something deliberately bad for the sake of pouring goodness upon the family to look good in their eyes, nor wanting to fuel one's own ego, love isn't a superficial aspect of life that one likes to turn on and off at a appropriate times. Love is a 24/7 event that nurtures the whole and has no exceptions, except for those that seek opportunity of the self as far more valid and fair game than stability and purpose in the real sense and playing out as a real life video game playing with others lives and finances for their own thrills.

For those seeking love the main reason they rarely come close to it is because they are by far too selfish of themselves, never quite giving enough for fear of losing something and at the same time forever seeking that 'better love' elsewhere. Where those that feel they have lots of love to give out to the "right person" are lying to themselves, as love never diminishes nor runs out, if you can't share it and give it out with those around you you'll never be able to give it out freely at all least of all to that 'significan't one' that is forever in the forefront of your mind. The "love walk" is not something superficial or soppy, it's a deliberate way of living that often separates you from the rough flottsam and jetsome of life, the forever 'has beens' that are shallow and insincere and see everyone else like that too. The "love walk" is an elevation of the norm, the norm is where none of us want to live, we deserve better, and better is within our grasp, but only if we make it that way.

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