Thursday 18 August 2011


What has happen to everyone today that they feel they have got to be "mean" and show "attitude" to gain respect whereas it's the opposite that's needed. In fact it's usually the thick and stupid that predominantly think like that because they have nothing else to demonstrate that their brain functions. We know the media are like chameleons in the same newspaper they will deplore the actions of someones morals on one page and on the next page do just the opposite themselves, so we just quickly turn over the page and move on, that is if we are still reading newspapers and not utilising other people's copies for tomorrows "fish n' chip" wrappers. The really true and great exude humility, it just flows out from ever pore, it's inherent in what they say and do and has nothing to do with "success" in the modern concept. It's often linked that if you run or start a company you have insight and intuition which could well be the case, many a good businessman has an ability to see potential in a product or service and then often nothing more. However all this is not important, how we are or how we turn out is what matters and that's how we commune with life itself. There's more to life than being good of character, even though that's important in its own right, it's how we come across to others that builds up not only our rapport but whom we are as a person. Grace and humility are traits or attributes that few seemingly have today, mostly because of a lack of self esteem rather than anything else. We all have grace and self esteem within us but it's how it is manifested that makes the difference. Most knowledgeable people in history have shown having such properties even though at times they've had to be quite outrageous in a society that mocked them to start with, especially all the armchair experts of no value. One must follow one's own heart not that of general opinion.

Grace and humility are aspects of life that are fundamental to most of the religions on earth, even though very few adhere to such preferring to take the car bomb route or killings in the name of love and peace, it stems from somewhere it doesn't just happen for no reason. But for stable countries or relatively stable countries grace and humility are part of their structure, hence most people get along with most people even if it's at a relatively superficial level. The understanding of what makes people tick and why we do what we do plays a big part in our communication aspects, getting upset every time you disagree with someone or someone says something out of turn smacks of small mindedness and a lack of their abilities to see beyond their own nose. One thing that grace and humility gives you is a peace of mind, a feeling of understanding in life which puts perspectives into pole position, it gives a presence of a lack of fear and it gives by default an inner calm that shows that you know the score but are not willing to get drawn into others chaos. The feeling of calm gives rise to a more positive aspect of life regarding one's health, stress being a major contributor to a whole range of problems associated with modern life.

Today everything is seemingly hyped up by marketing, PR, devised headlines, shock tactics, anything to try and catch the attention of another punter. Even the news is an almost glorified version of the truth, forever adding potentials or possibilities to a story to try and give it added kudos. There is at times a numbing effect of seeing so many disasters, dying people, suffering people that there is a tendency to become immune or even turn off watching or following the news threads. The reaction to such hyped information is a pure degree of scepticism, a degree of disbelief, a degree of lack of concern as it's way out of the control of the average person who has problems of their own to deal with, and an understanding that the current news of tales of woe and despondency will be usurped by the next bulletin and reports of an increased death count, such as it is. Life causes its own problems, it purveys its own demise in some cases, like crying wolf, it happens so often that it loses its impetus and sincerity, love, harmony, grace, humanity and humility are bundled into the background often exposing third world corrupt governments to open their doors to more Western aid for them to syphon off more for themselves.

Those who have a really great life, a life of substance, love, compassion and not just objects of financial value or temporal respite which flits from one thing to another are the real bastions of society even if for many they go unnoticed. Life is what you make it, you make your mistakes and live with them, you make a success out of what life throws at you whatever that is. With grace and humility enjoyment is possible, contentment is possible and those forever feelings of having to keep on trudging over old ground for the sake of personal vanity just disappear. Many people never experience happiness or love in its true form only degrees of both and then they are thankful for that happening as they know what lies in between is more often than not shallow and dank.

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