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The little bit of grit or sand in an oyster, that minute irritant produces after a time something that is forever precious, the peal, long since valued the world over as a decoration and adornment for the body. Many an artist, creator, developer, designer, scientist, etc, have within them that little bit of grit, something that eternally is there that provides the substance for them to want to continue onwards towards a deree of excellence, perfection or just completion of what they are doing. It's that eternal thorn that gets us to overcome obstacles, and turn the seemingly large boulders in front of us into stepping stones for a way forward. The difference between those that go forward and those that stagnate is purely 'mind perception', our minds control our entire lives, yet to speak to some one wouldn't have thought so. Our minds are where we live, they are our permanent home to ourselves a home which contains the past, the present we are living and the future where we will be every second of our lives, as time marches onwards our mind records it all in detail even if we can't at times recall some of the events. Our mind concurrently not only records time dates it controls how we live, our heart our breathing our functionality, it is our best friend and shouldn't be abused. We wouldn't abuse our lap top knowing full well it would crash or stop working yet do we ever feel the same way about the missuse of our mind.

The Oyster effect is a common phenominan, it's something that is forever with us, we accept that pain and emotional turbulance that we suffer from time to time often not of our doing but purely circumstantial in nature is something that we will get over, and we do. Emotions are fabulous things, but we need to control them and not the other way around. Failure to control our emotions always leads to a life of random turbulence and unhappiness based thoughts which leads to depression and stress and anxiety. The sentient human being is a variable creature of infinitessimal feelings and notions and ideologies, yet at the same time it has a concurrent "oneness" with others no matter where they are and who they are. It's only religion (not God) that tears people apart causing mayhem and deaths, and old outdated traditions and customes predominantly from third world countries who also practise outmoded religiously concocted customs that are the cause of their own suffering and at times devilment. Ignorance and wrongly placed beliefs both in God and man are the tools for destruction and permanent hardship and not enjoying life because fear and upset and instability actually becomes the way of life.

The Oyster effect can produce both good and bad, it can be both harmonious and disruptive it can be anything. Anything that produces a base upon which inconsistant movement is a by-product elevates the production of ancillary motions, feelings, movements some of which at the time are just sub concious, yet after a prolonged time, such effects start to draw on a lifestyle change, one that incorporates the disruptive effect and the enormaty of each effect dictates how and when the outcome will result in whatever it manifestes. Social change works in exactly the same way, small inadequacies over time change methodology and mind patterns, socially inept councils and politically correct moronic people slowly take away self esteem, personal thought, and soon a degree of lawlessness is in evidence. The idea that they are doing good shows how really narrow and stupid they are when it comes to the bigger picture, as it produces a reliance on society as opposed to the self, then when governmental cut backs take place one has a lost society that finds it difficult to cope with.

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