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Without getting into statistics and political jargon and enhanced journalistic rhetoric there is definitely a movement today regarding the breakdown of family life. Where young people are finding it respectively more difficult than at any other time in history to find some degree of substance in their lives. Every generation says the same thing, yes, but this current generation have been disadvantaged by very poor parenting or possibly none existent parenting and this has caused a systematic shift is resultant lifestyles and emotional thought patterns. Governments are almost impotent in the area of personal associations finding it difficult enough to keep their own noses clean let alone look after those of a nation. Too far has 'political correctness' gone and those that have put into place high degrees of immunity for children and governors of same should be rounded up for the euthanasia programme, as the damage they have done to society is immeasurable. It's not fortunately beyond reach but never the less only tough, single mindedness and directly responsive action will again place the young back on track and at the same time give them a feeling that hope something that is sadly missing and currently is fuel for growing discontent.

Not only is bad parenting an issue but even for the parents themselves becoming overweight and sloven in their attitude to life. One only has to see children in supermarkets and banks to see that it's a free for all with them doing exactly what they like, and playing around with everything they can touch without any feeling or knowledge of what they are doing. Parents seemingly give in at the sign of any pressure just to get peace of mind. Yet the government and the local councils offer no moral lead whatsoever, upmarket bickering and hypothetical banter about our "one size fits all society" and "not upsetting" certain groups takes precedence to a degree that leadership is almost a fictional issue. Is there anyone in the world who has leadership qualities and thinks about their own people first, where charity begins at home and not sending taxpayers money overseas when everyone at home is struggling - this is a fundamental aspect of 'national happiness' or lack of it, as is the case currently. It doesn't make good international politics for the politicians not to talk about giving money away, but the UK is not a charity of right to global issues, and because politicians are weak they prefer to tow the line rather than make waves on a national and proud principle. National pride hardly exists and that's a DIRECT response to bad and ineffective governmental control. The last Labour party were bloody useless and the current government haven't a clue.

The advent of gaming, social media, emailing, texting, etc, is here to stay, the very young know of no other situation in their lives and their communicational skills and the speed at which they utilise such is a part of their abilities to communicate as much as their social structure. However, from a parenting aspect sticking young children in front of a TV screen for hours on end to keep them quiet, or plying them with endless food and soft drinks is not only lazy it shows a degree of patheticness and lax stupidity regarding the future concerns of the children themselves. Whilst the government should lead, that attitude should be well tempered with "personal responsibility" for without personal responsibility and an understanding of what it means, there is no hope whatsoever and any plans which are drawn out are on the definite failure list before they start. Manners are a rarity with young people unless they come from a family with manners, which is a rarity too, so self absorbed in a structured world of deluded selfishness that they see little around them and a smugness prevails. The "me" syndrome.

There are so many "ring fences" around children, they can't be touched and they know it. The social services (who know their rights too well and backwards and in every language) and the legal ambulance chasers after young offenders who like whores will do anything for money, are happy to earn their stipend regardless of how it comes into effect, in fact some specialise in representing almost lost causes as a profession in itself. Morality is holistic it's not something that's dished out to a chosen few, it's something that should be part of a communities ability to understand the bigger picture. Rich or poor the bottom line is right is right and wrong is wrong, where this is thrown out of kilter is that the poor that do wrong are excused because of their background, and the wealthy have expensive lawyers lying their way through technicalities in order to get their clients off, and the justice system is at times a version of Monty Python's 'Original' Flying Circus. Another cause for national unhappiness.

Where national cohesion and unity are positions of strength, enhancing alien cultures goes against the grain as they can never ever be technically fulfilled and thus in a market of multi-cultural people where separation is the norm ghettos are becoming common place as opposed to a unified Britishness made up of a homogenised group of different ethnicities. The bowing to groups who suddenly decide that they want things their way only enhances aggravation and yet again causes national unhappiness. The underlying lost echelon of teachers and bureaucratic local government personnel have very little to aspire to other than what they think as opposed to what they know and it shows terribly in the somewhat disjointed output over and above pure educational products. The future generation needs the symbiosis of parenting / schooling and very little is concordant today and there are no hard efforts to make it happen. i.e. It's must be a legal requirement of parenting as opposed to some wet self governing situation which always has a cop out who always get away with it because they can.

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