Monday 22 August 2011


There's a lot to be said about technology and where it has taken us and what we can do with it. It's been developed whatever it is to enable us to function somewhat better and in most cases more cheaply (despite initial costs) at doing what we do. Whether it's detecting cancer in the body, the quality of our air, satellite navigation to help us find the next street to ours or walk around in a complete daze listening to our favourite music. Like everything in life there are two sides to it, there is the positive advantage of the product or service offered and then there is the less acceptable side that latches on in some people to a usage syndrome that is somewhat off the beaten track. There can be addictions to gaming websites, social media and so on, there are those who have the mobile phone syndrome of looking at it every 90 seconds just to see if there is a message etc, and so it goes on. But it's not a direct fault of the system it's partly to do with us, the human element. After all is you shovel food down your throat you get fat, no one gets fat on fresh air, if you drink too much liquid whether it be alcohol or water etc, it has adverse effects, if your car can go at 150 miles an hour it's you who breaks the speed limits deliberately not the car, it's not rocket science.

Governments are becoming paranoid about electronic surveillance and communication aspects of technology, and to some degree rightly so, but just being able to communicate with people doesn't in itself start insurrection nor does it start riots nor anything else. I know people all over the world, it's what I've been doing all my life travelling, and if I sent out texts, Tweets, Facebook messages or emails to each and every one of them telling them to loot, riot, set fire to or whatever else nothing would happen, because they are just not that sort of people. If I said I was in hospital I know I'd get an almost instant reply as to the state of my health, it's again because of the nature of my contacts. Not all my contacts are bosom buddies, many are business people, but it's the quality of the relationship that makes a difference.

It's come to note that politicians are almost inept if not totally ignorant of relationships and how people perceive such. Whilst they understand relationships predominantly when being spoken to their own ability to see and do is at best limited. Commissioning reports at exorbitant costs lead by some old crony to give it a degree of status isn't the answer either, the science of emotions outside sheer technicalities is more often than not in a direct contrast to governmental policies and how they blindly report their actions completely ignorant of what they are saying. Many politicians including prime ministers speak against what the vast populous want to hear. It's no wonder that unrest and gross unhappiness flourishes with communications as they are, people talk because that's what people do. They don't more often than not have ulterior motives but when a high degree of sheer commonality is in evidence it actually generates an energy of its own which then has gravitas and it starts then to grow arms and legs and a synergy thus forms into a movement. Again it's not rocket science. Although politically it's seen as subversive and anything else that paranoia brings to the fore.

When governments don't represent their constituents, i.e. they don't hold firstly their OWN citizens as a prime concern then trouble starts, unlike the Prime Minister of Singapore who said about his own people that they come first. One can't blame households for being lax when the government's own household policy is no better. If your teenage son came home from school very excited having been appointed to the first 11 football team then asked for some new boots and shorts etc, only to be greeted with, I'm sorry I've just bought next doors children some new clothes, it's good for neighbourly relations. Need one say more, yet this is what the government are doing selling their own people short under the auspices of it's own "bigger picture" policy. Result, national unhappiness, in addition to bad attention via the politically correct moronic world which has fostered a total lack of morals and responsibility. Electronic communications are only a faster way of spreading bad news they are not the prime base or cause for such happening.

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