Friday, 12 August 2011


There's a lot spoken about luck, we even say "you are lucky" when something good happens to someone, even if we don't know the circumstances to which the event has happened, it is at times an almost instinctive phrase we splash out on. But in reality is there ever such a thing as luck or is it really a series of circumstances that have come together at a certain time to produce a result which is favourable to us?  Or at times negative circumstances to provide what we would call "unlucky". For the most part we don't believe in magic even when we see it on television, we know somewhere lurking behind the scene or in the slight of hand there is a plausible understanding of how it all works. We could be passively surprised that a great aunt whom we didn't have any contact with has left us a legacy of money that will see us well for the rest of our lives, but is that luck or just the fact that we were left that money because of a plan behind the transaction taking place. On the face of it it may seem astounding and wonderful - and it is, and it could be construed as luck, one never knowing much about the aunt and indeed what wealth she had, but in reality what part did luck play in that money being left? Everything basically has a plan, those that win the lottery do so because they take part, tickets don't just fly into our hands for nothing. Whether we win or not is something else it's not luck it's a game of chance, and whether we want to adonate the fact that we are lucky that our numbers came up trumps it is after all a sheer electro-mechanical process, as some weeks no one gets to be a winner and thus it's a rollover time.

To be in the "luck" game we have to manufacture the circumstances for it to materialise, sitting at home isn't going to do anything for us and neither is contemplation or anything else, we have to be in it to win it, whatever it is that we wish to embark upon or win. Whether we go for a job or wish to elevate our lives or whatever it is the more we commune with life the chances of us getting ahead are far far greater than just thinking about it or hypothesising about it. Meeting like minded others or indeed similar people in different environments and indeed just meeting others no matter who they are can all be conduits that can whizz us on towards our desired destination. Calculating on those around us does very little in the order of things to know who knows who. Someone who is so remotely distanced from what you do can have a brother, sister, son, daughter, friend who is fully knowledgeable about what you do and indeed is either looking for someone like yourself or who could quickly place you within the thick of those you have been skirting around for such a long time. The value of networking is always impressive but be cautious as there are those who are seasoned net workers who do very little in life but take, take, take based on contacts and never give anything back, and if you have nothing to offer will shun you and not even offer to assist such is there devised smugness and meanness.

Life is not an even playing field so those that seem to "have luck" over those that don't means nothing, it's circumstances and not all luck ends as positive or at times hides negative underlying currents that we often don't see or if we do recognise such tend to brush aside as it often has a macabre appearance. The fact that some struggle for years whereas others seem to glide onwards is not to be analysed, our positioning in life does play a very big part as does our outward appearance, there are many factors that are unseen that play a significant part in our development and opportunities that are available. A positive mind is always an advantage as is compassion and understanding too, we can't live others lives or dreams neither can we allow others to live ours, surfing someone else's wave or flying in the slip stream of others is dangerous territory and smacks of a lack of self initiative and originality, it more often than not results in failure or gross disappointment. If you are religious then God is on your side, sadly some God's have done nothing for their followers ever, the Middle East is a prime example, despite fervent worship, if anything it's hindered growth and unsubstantiated the human being. For those that don't believe in anything, that we are a result of pure evolution and thus mistakes of the present moment without purpose or destination - you need all the luck you can get.

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