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The trouble with 'Politically Correct' people is that they are weak, insipid, fearful, unintelligent and have this universal approach to life that "one size fits all". They are usually single, over thirty, predominantly female (although not exclusively) and have a somewhat 'precious' outlook that belies their unhappy, unloved lifestyle, that many (not all) but many seem to induce. Life is not equal, never has been nor will be, we are not equal as people in the way that we have different abilities, aptitudes and understanding in life. Nor can life be responsible for the irresponsible, the United Nations is made up of a few countries that "have" and predominantly the rest - the majority - are "have nots", for whatever reason they are have nots. The successful countries on planet earth are predominantly Christian based and those ones which are predominantly unstable and unproductive are Islamic, where life is a matter of control, hatred and upset, global terrorism (in the name of love and peace of course) and although many would deny to your face quoting contextual verses, the talk and the walk are light years apart, the facts in front of you speak for themselves. The remainder are a mish mash of whatever corruption and bad management and lack of sincerity that is out there that's in power.

World turbulence will continue until eternity, there will not be an "accord" in life and the future will not be one of tolerance and peace as the pathetic so want it to be, it's not that others would like turbulence to be common place but the diversity of the past few years of migration shifts has toppled the status quo and so called developed countries have had thrust upon them illiterate and uneducated and ideologically stagnant people who because of weak governments, and the effect of political correctness have allowed backwardness to take root as opposed to bringing everyone up to date. In Europe the EEC in Brussels is at times living in a world of its own so out of touch with human feelings in the member states that it literally needs a rude awakening and new blood from those that live outside the bubble of conceited understanding and theoretical applications. There's even unaccountable spending and financial irregularities in Brussels itself not audited which for a "centre" of such as so called "responsible" body is reprehensible and smacks of  a smugness that breeds contempt of its own accord.

There are two kinds of life, the intellectual whereby those who forever consider the way things are going and predominantly get it wrong, it's possibly interesting stuff for television debates but no more than mental masturbation. And then there are those who basically don't give a dam as it's all out of their hands, and whilst they get annoyed at ministers endless procrastination and the press hyping everything out of proportion they have a thing called "a life" to get on with and enjoy the best way they can. Life is what you make it, there's no getting away from that fact, if you succumb or accede to circumstances you are finished. The sea change of life is accelerating at a speed of knots unknown to mankind, the breeding of intelligent yet illiterate people is also growing. Where many of the young are lost in confrontational situations so used are they to talking behind electronic devises and losing the ability to understand intuitive and personable feelings with fellow man. Age plays as a great part in how we have to adapt or make good who we are in life, at times we are forced into situations outside of our comfort zones and in reality this is where we and others actually grow and in the grand order of things it helps to keep us on an even keel and enhances stability to a degree. The current plague of youth unrest is not a "now" thing, it's been festering for years and political thought today is so wrong, with few strong and defiant leasers available it will continue until "nanny" states get real with life as it is.

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