Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Every so often we review our lives either directly or subliminally. Life goes in stages it's usually age related and that starts from our childhood upwards. We coast at times surfing a wave of life that suites us quite well, it may not be ecstatic but at the same time it provides a degree of peace and not too much trouble so that we enjoy the relative placidity of it all. But as we all know life never stays still and there's always something afoot somewhere to bring it all to a close, a close that needs to be re-started and assessed for us to again find that level of harmony that suites us within. What each and every one of us enjoys could be completely different, some may like the gregarious life dashing from here to there and beyond, whilst others just want the complete opposite, there's no right nor wrong, it's human beings as they are.

How we live our lives is completely down to us, it has nothing to do with circumstances nor parameters nor anything else, how we react within all those given points or areas is purely down to us, no one else. After all no one can live our lives for us, think for us, be happy for us, eat and drink for us and a host of other things too. Much of our base living is our own domain, so how we reflect that is a personal direct action stemming from a very personal thought derived within, it can't come from anywhere else. Health, wealth, relationships, bereavement, redundancy, job relocation, children, etc, can all have a defined bearing on what we ultimately do and where we go. And in the midst of all these intangible areas in life we have feelings towards ourselves, feelings that are at times so personal that they consume our thoughts to an extent that time tends to either slow down or speed up because the feeling of unrest and even despondency shapes our thoughts about the future. Of course the future is as it is and can be something totally alien to our views and projections, so it's imperative that we harmonise our views with realities and a degree of latitude and flexibility otherwise we will be aiming for something that doesn't exist.

That ultimate feeling at "being at one" with yourself is the perfect answer as that will eliminate frustration, doubt, mental stress, anxiety, foreboding, and all the other negative feelings that we can get from 'not knowing'. However for the majority of people that's not an option, not that they can't attain such a position but because most people are addicted to worry and believe if they don't worry they are being flippant and not taking their situation seriously. This is purely a 'mind stance' and usually of historical value (i.e.picked up from the family) in actual fact if we all stopped worrying as such we would find a greater detail in the availability of clarity, understanding and solutions would be more forthcoming, after all dwelling on the problems limits our ability to see solutions. The feeling that "out there" someone has the answer to our plight is more often than not a fantasy, even if someone can assist in taking you from where you are to where you need to be it's the self that needs to be available for that journey no matter how far or indeed short it is. There is a big difference between being passive in thought and active in thought, passive thought stagnates, active thought energises and invigorates it sees what is out there and thus keeps active literally the inner person who has to understand and act accordingly as to how best to proceed. Passive thought doesn't do anything, it just waits for something to enter the situation as if by magic like winning the lottery without buying a ticket.

It takes a small pin to burst a big balloon, similarly our doubts and problems don't always require the complicated and at times grandiose ideas to make things come right again. We formulate what we need, with good intentions, yet often there are many other solutions even better ones that because we don't know exist tend to disregard before they have even come to light. We need to be kind to ourselves, and feel that the onus whilst still rests with ourselves is one that is neither unique and that there are positive answers that can and will fit the bill. A change of personal attitude is required not one of other people's thoughts and ideas based upon how they think, even if some are valid, it's how we walk the walk that counts and it's us that will enjoy the rewards of such in the end.

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