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We all want good health and fortune after all if we don't have it our life is to an extent reduced because of the constraints of the conditions we are suffering. However there are many out there who are relatively well yet almost permanently seek better wellness and health and happiness and peace and whatever else they conjure up that they seem to be lacking in and go to New Age workshops or follow trendy events that some celebrity found useful in between rehab, and so it goes on. It's not that some don't find solace or comfort from these areas of life as the placebo effect is very real and if you happen to be one of the "lost souls" wandering through life then it's probably comforting to commune with other lost souls too. However if these therapies were as brilliant as made out they would all be hitting the world headlines and be taken up by opportunists and it would be a phenomenon, but they aren't and it isn't. Weirdness is becoming more common today and a lot of it is down to self induced stupidity or ignorance or possibly both, never the less the occurrence of individuals - predominantly single and over 30 - for healing is definitely rising and it shouldn't be. Loneliness is one of the biggest culprits to make life lacking in favour, and it's nothing to do with not having lots to do or dozens of friends, it's that inner feeling within you that stops you enjoying life or desperately needing a companion to share a degree of quality life with.

For some belief in God is the answer, but that requires faith as a conduit so the vast majority of people who have a "so called faith" never ever achieve anything remotely near healing or life happiness because they also live within fear and endless religiously fabricated rules which cancels out whatever faith is supposed to be. However, for those that do believe, for those that do have a positive prowess in life, for those that do have a good outlook and don't harbour negativity then there is a very definite and positive effect  both upon life, health, a marker against right and wrong and a mental stability which others crave for but seek remedies via tablets and self help books, as if there lies a Utopian answer or secrets which they have yet to find. The bottom line is that everything you need to make you happy already lies within you, it's never been anywhere else. What you deem expedient that will make you happy is something contrived based upon intangible and changeable constructs, like building on quicksand, always subject to the ground being washed away at a moments notice. And as many objects as you place in front of you no matter what they are will by default keep you away from obtaining happiness and the healing needed to allow it to flourish, somewhat like the carrot and the donkey syndrome, you never catch up.

Healing comes from degrees of contentment, good sleep, enjoying life at whatever level that may be, keeping an even keel and not getting embroiled in the detritus of mundanity of others ineptitude and narrow thoughtlessness. Being positive, kind of thought and deed and overlooking those that have ulterior motives, just moving on allowing the the negative ones to seek their own kind - which they do. The dearth of social vampires that are out there all wanting a bit of someone else's energy is forever increasing and one should protect oneself from this, that way it allows the self to always see the bigger picture and disseminate between the genuine and the selfish and the down right deceitful. Everything in life is a balance, the body can endure far more than we think or even care to think but the mind has an ability only to go so far before it starts to manifest aspects that aren't conducive to stability, like a computer with corrupt files, it no longer does what it should do and at times it starts to crash.

There's nothing highly spiritual (if you know what being spiritual is? - if you have to think about it you don't know) about healing the mind and body, there's nothing mysterious that includes ancient rituals and chants (it didn't do all those cultures any good they all died out), there's nothing mystical nor magical either about healing, Healing or self healing is up to you, you either embrace it or opt out and farm it out to others to give you what you think they can do without you having to lift a finger, you'll probably die waiting if that's the case. Medical healing is one thing, but enjoying life and having stability is all in your court, it's not an outsourced aspect of life. What cost is life to you for your enjoyment is it a relative thought or a comparative thought, it should be neither because if you aren't you who are you?

Spirituality : dictionary definition :
Spirituality an ultimate or an alleged immaterial reality; an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being; or the “deepest values and meanings by which people live.” Spiritual practices, including meditation, prayer and contemplation, are intended to develop an individual's inner life; spiritual experience includes that of connectedness with a larger reality, yielding a more comprehensive self; with other individuals or the human community; with nature or the cosmos; or with the divine realm. Spirituality is often experienced as a source of inspiration or orientation in life. It can encompass belief in immaterial realities or experiences of the immanent or transcendent nature of the world.
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