Sunday, 14 August 2011


Well at last its finally happened, the multi-cultural grand plan of pathetic politicians, politically correct morons and the tempering of police abilities has culminated in riots. And why not riot, the governments don't and can't understand what's happening, all they do is rely on consultants to present themselves with idealistic plans that 'fit in' with governmental strategies devised by the cloud minded governmental strategists who are so used to political rhetoric that its almost another language. The media debate such utilising the same old cronies of the past waxing lyrical with staid dull experts adding to the forum of yesterday's expertise and not on what should or shouldn't be done, it's the usual mental masturbation that we get used to and is at best substandard. In short it's a total communicational mess with people no matter how good or not so good as it may be impotent in their ability to be brave and bold, failures of their own making.

Life is at last back firing, the vein of young illiterate and hopeless people has grown to a level that they see no future, no chance and government diktat has been so badly and hopelessly purveyed via the Job Centres and various agencies that it's oppressive and demeaning and stifles that inner credibility that one needs to at least latch on to to foster hope. Where hope is none existent and where rules and regulations are so bureaucratic it saps one's energy just to appease pen pushers in the system that's devised for its own use. Where government has still even after recent situations weak financial regulators, weak phone regulators, weak broadcast regulators, all at the end of an elasticated string to those in government who feel they know best and as of recent date 'outed themselves' as to not having a clue. Fine talk and fine sparing is just that, it's real action that is needed, do we need to put advertisements in the global press seeking "world class leaders" wanted, someone to take care  of us in our home country, who has guts and understanding and foresight and are not frightened to bulldoze the wimps and pathetic who have nothing to offer. Do we need another Winston Churchill who will look after his own people first and then consider others later, because at the moment it's disadvantage UK citizen. The ideology of the "one size fits all" doesn't exist, people will get upset, but like bad tasting medicine it's what does you good.  Family breakdown is in mass evidence, where self respect is almost an extinct word and where local government and councils foster multi-growth where as it should foster a unity of purpose, it can't as they haven't a bloody clue themselves.

Cover ups, whitewash statements, bland presentations that all of a sudden 1000's of police will stop the rot, is futile, it won't make any difference to the thoughts raging still in the minds of those who've had enough. Where one's own countrymen have to pay for education and the government gives away millions to others countries for the self same thing. National identity and resources come first every time, you wouldn't buy next doors children clothing for a community PR exercise at the expense of letting your own suffer, but governments do that all the time. Playing God eventually falls short of it's promise, it doesn't work, if individuals want to give freely fabulous, but for those who are barely making ends meet the last thing they need to hear is that what taxes they pay are being syphoned off to foreigners.  Ones own country is not a global welfare society nor charitable status, and it's not some well off pop star or celebrity saying you must give when they drive their cars costing more than the price of an average flat, or jet set around the globe, two faced initiatives by others are also lacking in moral value for those at home. Giving to the poor doesn't ever stop poverty, it's a national structure that does that and where it's needed the most such as in Africa corruption is a way of life and value is an alien concept.

A country where illegal immigrants get more benefit that pensioners who have contributed all their lives in a hope that they will enjoy what years they have left, it all fuels national disharmony and unhappiness. It's not tax hikes or reductions that give happiness a boost or a negative image it's the gross and total unfairness that those that see their way of life diminish resent both government and local government and that endemic populations are actually disadvantaged against the mass of wingers that never tire of their lives as failures. It's the smug "bigger picture" that prime ministers and politicians portray that they "know best" and "your suffering" will be good in the long term. It's all a pack of lies, life is for living now, and there's nothing wrong with helping others and being generous, but when you start to rot in your own home because of grandiose ideas that others have over and above your own benefit it smacks of incompetence and impotence and self gratification of that of others happiness. And if politicians disagree with this ideology they are NOT what the electorate want, here lies the "UNHAPPINESS" factor of the nation.

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