Friday 13 April 2012


 In the very same world there is a dichotomy of individualism, there's the advanced world where you can be what or who you want, the only thing stopping you be that person is yourself and your inhibitions, so if that's the case you aren't really that serious. Then there's the backward world, Africa, the Middle East, some Eastern European countries and a few elsewhere dotted around the planet where their rancid outmoded cultures and ideologies almost forbid people to be different such is the narrowness of either their respective governments or the people, and it's usually a mixture of both. This narrowness shows up in the fact that such countries never contribute to society they are always takers and have excuses by the volume as to why they are like that, much of it historical. But when individualism is stifled then is there any wonder progress in real terms is never made. But nothing is at it appears, what is seen on the surface is rarely seen below, and what we perceive from afar is nothing as to how it is first hand.

Similarly one doesn't have to venture far today to find a plethora of people who are lost, isolated, confused, dejected and wandering aimlessly in their minds for some degree of solace and understanding as to what their lives mean. It's not that eternal question "the meaning of life" but just them at a stargate point and not really engaging with life even after reading a stream of books with answers on everything. So good are these books depicting aspects of life they are all best sellers and being taught in the curricula of schools world wide, one thinks not. The solution to the restful mind is more about oneself than what's around us. It's often down to the thought processes of the individual not conforming to the overall dullness of those who accept life as it is and have no desire to do anything other than what they do. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's their choice to some degree, but it does ponder the question as to where at times one fits in and that can include family, friends and those who one works with. It's not self alienation but an internal frustration that's impervious to pep talks and light conversation, it needs quenching with substantiated information that has real substance and not that manufactured by the media  which is impotent in content and has nothing to do with ultimate progress.

Society talks on different levels and its meaning is not always what it says. There are the proverbial "out of the box" thinkers, then there are those a few rungs down the ladder and that followed by those towards the lower end. All have a place in life and society and all have their individual problems which surprisingly are very similar in context even if some are slightly more grand or less so. The feeling of isolation of life not melding with oneself is not uncommon and discord within is the result which then escalates the situation. Unless one is very much an individual and most people like to think they are, and they are to some extent, but not so different from the throng which doesn't isolate them, they isolate themselves not quite knowing what to do. Deep thinkers can find life lonely at times and at other times quite exhilarating, a significant partner helps many although it's also not ideal for a few as their self instability is something they eternally struggle with.

For every feeling we have there is not only a solution there is a cause istelf and often what makes the feeling is something that is not resonating well within us that has nothing or little to do with what we are perceiving. The outward effect has a bearing on how we are living and enjoying life, because if that's out of kilter or some areas are not harmoious then they will be magnified by those areas we want to flourish in but just don't. The homogenous aspects of life can't be emphasised enough and those feelings that 'if this' or 'that' were OK so would everything else, not so. We often place something on the back burner  because it doesn't appear at large to be the culprit, yet most likely it is, it's just us looking for some self technical terms to latch on to to try and satify what's going on within then feel smug that we know and then eventually hope it will all be OK. We do have however that great ability to break out of ourselves and join the 'party' without jeapodising our thoughts and feelings and future plans, for if we do 'join the party' we elevate ourselves out of the regurgitating doldrums and see a lighter aspect to our thoughts, something that we overlooked by incriminating ourselves and that we should never ever do.

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