Thursday 12 April 2012


Everyone has their version of life and the lives of others, although in the grand order of things the lives of others isn't important outside of humanitarian aspects. What individuals do or achieve is for them to reason with, everyone else has their own pathway to walk down or trudge down as they choose. Yes it's nice to see friends and family do well, and from afar maybe so others too although without having any personal connection with them it's a very impersonal and crude transposition of the self that makes one think of such with any interest (except re-living yourself via them). The administration of the self is vitally important if we are to progress in life, although we may not and many don't have any interest in this route, but for those that have and for those that believe in God (there's something after death) it's almost an essential aspect of furthering your soul. For without furthering your soul what on earth are you believing in and what are you in effect doing at all. Atheists just come and go and have no further value. Most people like to feel wanted or needed or of interest to others especially within the family unit. Outside of this everything is almost a plus point and counts towards their personal security, it shouldn't because that's a material consideration but they do. If you were talking to someone and not paid attention to them (which is not uncommon today) other than in general most people think it rude for them not to be asked if they are well or some other well being statement or acknowledgement (the "me" factor). In communicational protocols this would be accurate, even if it's just to be polite, and being polite is always a good thing to be. But to get upset if one is not asked or acknowledged often brings in a diminished feeling or slight anger and if so - where did this all come from? What onus is there especially in general conversation or just passing the time away to seek personal details even if peripheral ones at that, there isn't, you are fine just the way you are.

Our view, take, perception of life is equal to our enjoyment, how we manage our emotions is also directly linked to our happiness and how others accept us too. Selfishness or negatively perceived respect is one way to go against the grain of life and ruffle others feathers just by not thinking coherently and interjecting the 'self' into every equation. It's not that the 'self' isn't a consideration but if it's a prime function then everything else around it is less and others pick up on that and aren't too pleased to be demoted as they too are important. Some people go around with an air of superiority, which is fine it's their life even if it doesn't register well with us, others the opposite an air of inferiority, and likewise we view them similarly, and in between there are those who try the best they can to get on with and match whoever it is they are in contact with on an equal status, respect and camaraderie. It's this mutual riposting that we then make a judgement upon as to how to proceed. And then there are the more enlightened ones, those that accept whoever and whatever they come across, be nice to all and if it just doesn't gel then it's predominantly the other party that's taking exception at others not condescending to their perceived attitude. In the end those with heightened or enlightened understanding always win the day and of course don't suffer the stress and anxiety and mind talk that others do.

To day it's acceptable to be whoever you are, except in Islamic circles and they still live in a loveless dictatorial past where everyone has to conform or keep quiet and lead a secret life full of restrictions and no guarantee of life after death, even though they suffer more than most on earth and always have done. The essential element of life is love that's what has kept man going for so long and fortunately the majority think this way despite set backs and thus the race continues. Progress isn't going to a New Age group or thinking Universe (whatever that means) or calling yourself Spiritual (whatever that means also) nor reading self development books that are by their nature limiting even if informative at the same time, one must think for ones self not via another's construct. Following cultures and ways isn't the answer either all these things are for the lost and pathetic who permanently seek as opposed to residing in an inner peace that they have not cultivated for themselves. Most restless people are lonely and possibly single too so that has it's own problems and mental statutes that cause life distortions in thinking. Thinking with only yourself in mind has it's problems and repercussions that can lead to even being cranky.

When we are young progress is always ahead of us as is opportunity, as life moves on all of these things change balance and perceptions and real opportunities become less and less as does the inevitability that we get older and think differently and more to the point aren't as dexterous as we once were which also throws up its own limitations. Our journey must be of a happy nature as there are no reset buttons nor action replays and if we develop a set stance on life and carry that forward which may not be that good then whatever is left isn't going to be to our liking. We are all different and how we move forward is different but the commonality is that of being happy within all in relation to our environment. If we progress in life we are more apt to enjoy what life is for us even if not perfect, if we don't evolve we are going to be constantly against life and then ultimately against ourselves.

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