Thursday 8 September 2011


The commonality of many people is that they literally get too engrossed into those around them or what happens around them. It's not that dedication or devotion or seriousness pertaining to same is not an admiral thing, it's often the minutiae that many tend to pick up upon have associated resonations within themselves that cloud their vision and subsequently their thoughts. We all have different views on the same subject even if we ultimately concur on the emotion and feeling towards it and have the same degree of comprehension too. What often happens is that subliminally we analyse the situations we are in placing ourselves and the other person(s) in a perspective of our own vision then deduce scenarios from that, it often has no bearing whatsoever other than a melding of our perceptions and feelings, which is not always that savoury nor accurate. In fact it's usually extremely biased towards how we want to feel and therefore we become self judgmental again throwing into the scenario a host of options and permutations which one shouldn't have even ventured to think about. It's difficult not to do that especially if you have a virile mind and it's concerning relationships but it can be levied towards anything that one has strong feelings about, even work etc.

Like everything in life we need always to see the "bigger picture" and our emotions can at times preclude us from doing just that as they play heavily within distorting and clouding not only our vision but playing havoc with our feelings too, often sending us into bouts of internal unrest and nervousness and thoughts which are often sensually induced and not really destined for us in the end. The more creative we are the more painful at times certain decisions can be although conversely we can be happiest with the smallest of things which have little value, it's a true heart felt emotion that relies on nothing else but human kindness or raw nature. Our personal sensitivity has a lot to do with how we interact with life, those with a high sensitivity threshold predominantly want a 'resolution' to most things before they can move on otherwise there is a personal moratoriun about what has just transpired, and then perhaps a few reenactment's after that as if 'aftershocks' are resounding. Those at the opposite end of the spectrum have less of a truck with life, what's happened has happened, next, and they see no purpose in munching it over in their minds regardless of what the situation has caused or otherwise. In between are those who often procrastinate depending upon the emotional aspect of what they feel like and what they feel for the other parties regardless of what the other parties feel about them, it's predominantly an assumption and one that often leads them into a place of needless consternation.

Most areas of life need to be viewed with a degree of detachment, it doesn't alter the quality of thought nor deed or deeds to subsequently be effected, but it does give the onlooker a degree of insularity from the disenchantment of others thoughts based obviously on how they think and not how you think, even if the end view is almost identical. Detached elevation / detached compassion / detached understanding allows one to be in a place of maneuverability away from extraneous thoughts and feelings so that the self doesn't by default get bogged down in the overall energy that can have negative consequences and opens one up to ongoing thoughts of a not so pleasant nature. i.e. our negative emotions kick in and then they tend to reduce our ability to reason. Many professions such as in law, finance, politics, etc are cold and insincere, where questions are always black and white and shades and hues have no place except for the enacted drama of the presentations and this can almost reach 'B' movie status and its associated dubious quality.

Great leaders and performers can switch quite often from a personal mode to an automatic mode whereby they immediately detach themselves from the situation yet are in full knowledge and understanding of what is going on. It's this comprehensive elevation that gives them an overall lead in setting right what they need to do next without the emotional fuss and flummery that others drag along with them then mull over afterwards. It can at times to those around seem an impersonal thing to suddenly look onwardly detached and devoid of great emotion, but most people think erroneously that getting upset is the correct thing to do in times of trouble because they know no better. That it's respectful to get into a fury or show anger as a right, all of which is rubbish and pure showmanship  never ever solves anything other than playing to an audience which is by it's very nature is shallow and insincere and usually of an historical game handed down to generations. Our inner feelings can be our biggest assets around, but like uranium you can harness it to benefit all by making electricity or make a bomb and blow everyone up, it's a pure choice based upon one's own ideology and perception. Being detached at times does give one pure thought not tarnished by others, it thus allows the self to identity what's expedient and then as and when incorporate it into what's right at that time to hold council with others.

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