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The stigma and anxiety associated with mental health can literally make it even worse than it is with all sorts of things running through our minds that if not gotten under control can like a nuclear reactor just get out of control then all hell is let loose. It's not only the mental anxiety itself it's often the associated loneliness that accompanies it that makes it worse and the fact that few trust those in  mental health care even if they come to a realisation that they may have to utilise their services at some point. When it comes to medical conditions including mental health we need to know to reassure ourselves that what we have got isn't what we think or if it is it's curable or treatable, the "unknown" element is probably the worst part. Once we know the anxiety suddenly leaves us even if we are left with a concern, that concern is now shared by others who are in the business of helping us the best they can, and that has a big effect upon our moral and stability. However, when it comes to mental health it's slightly different for if our mind goes we tend to lose the plot very quickly and grasp at all kinds of intangible things, make stuff up, and we see life from a very different perspective where nothing is real anymore it's all part and parcel of a structure that has new values and new concepts and meanings of things reflect a different understanding.

Our friends, family, partners, children, the world all appears somehow differently as if it's not quite there, as if it hasn't the substance it once did have and that reality has a missing value, that missing value is the heart of why many people distrust psychiatry and councillors because the interlinking degree of communicable humanity is a cold shudder that seems just so distant and indeed many in their own field of psychiatry often appear odd themselves. People who are on the periphery of seeing councillors often never go the full course getting both disillusioned and frustrated at seemingly 'one sided' endless note taking and their own resolve gets them up and running far quicker than anything else. It's a strange world mental health, it has a bad reputation amongst the public and it shouldn't have as it's not a stereotype illness where people go 'off the rails' or 'do stupid hings' you can be 100% compus mentus and still do those things so it holds little kudos to label people all the same. Much of the mental health condition is a deep personal suffering of what life is all about in relation to themselves and like a jigsaw puzzle the pieces don't fit which is where it gets tricky to resolve from the self point of view. Even with those understanding the situation it doesn't always help to get those disjointed pieces back into alignment as there are still elements that rely on other criteria that need resolution although there are many situations where a degree of self governance can help enormously.

The human mind is complex and simple at the same time, we laugh and we cry it's a commonality to at least 99.99% of us, there will no matter what happens in life be an exception but those are the exceptions. How we think of our mind is paramount and if we take on more that we care to via our negative emotions, our negative emotions are our worst enemy, then the inevitable will happen. Much of our depressive states are self induced, we can't, we don't, we won't, I need, I want, my shows, my life, my, my, my, the "all about me syndrome". It starts off with booze then probably drugs then you're screwed. Ego, arrogance, greed, avariciousness, anger, retribution, etc, some of the Middle Eastern religions have much of this stuff inbred within their diatribe and thus it manifests itself as a gross area of instability. The selfishness of many people leads to self created disappointment, reading the detritus of others lives and what people are doing subliminally erodes one's humble existence in relation to same. Everything we do has an affect upon us, we are our "Shop Window" and it shows at times that the goods are not of saleable quality, at least not now - they once were. The good news is that much of it can change in a flash, but that needs a degree of "letting go" from things which hold you back. Not the New Age rubbish but genuine things which puts the self back into pole position and not sub contracting areas of life to others or following others thinking its a good idea, whenever did personal though become someone esle's domain.

Getting to grips with theoretical aspects of life is difficult in that we can't always see both sides of the coin so fused are we to a single sided vision that intangible helter skelter we zoom down. We have a brake to stop anytime we want, it's just when do you choose to use it, it's a personal choice.

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