Monday, 26 July 2010


There are some aspects of life that we enjoy, some we get along with and others that we either dread or try to put off, usually doing something about it at the last minute. Some people are good at paying bills others hold off until the final reminder then it takes them all their energy to pay, it's a mind set more than an ability. However the more we put off the bigger the mind burden we carry around. Think if we paid off all our bills straight away, bought the presents and cards way ahead of time for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries, we would free up our thoughts and time for more enjoyable events. If we booked those journeys months in advance that we knew we were going to take we would probably be paying half the price even for premium seats, and so it goes on. The more we become dilatory towards ourselves the bigger the load we carry.

Our lives like our homes or cars need constant attention, they need at times renovating, our old ideas and thoughts need updating in light of new structures, ways of living and environment constraints. We need to keep ourselves clean, our clothes clean and maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle if we don't want to bring on illnesses that we know we can reduce the chances of getting just by sensible diet and lifestyle. We need to keep mental equilibrium in check too because if we let our minds go then everything around us collapses into a heap and the older you get the less likely it is to be able to put it all back together again.

Overlooking aspects of life, or ignoring it only leads to a day of eventuality, when like many things in life "it all happens at once", where the point of no return hits us hard and remedial action is not only expedient some aspects are forever irreversible and we have to make sacrifices in order to continue. Living stress free a much abused word, where many call being busy as being stressed out, what they mean is they are lazy and selfish, but that's another issue, is essential in maintaining our view of life and clarity in all we do, if we muddle though we will forever suffer.

It is a pain at times to do things especially when we have in our minds stuff which is far more interesting and emotionally fulfilling, but if we get into a habit of doing many of the tasks straight away we will feel far more on top of life and not be threatened when it all goes awry and suddenly hits the fan in one fell swoop. However, it's your life and only you can make it better or allow it to become worse, it's all down to choices and self respect.

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