Friday, 23 July 2010


None of us really like to lose an event even if we aren't that competitive and many aren't, the old connotation that we haven't won or come first or in the first three isn't that exciting, but that's really just a perception. Many people who just take part in an event no matter what it is are already a success, they have mustered up the courage and determination to go along with whatever it is even if deep down they are thinking "I'll give it a go". That 'give it a go' mind set whilst not ringing many bells is still 100% better than doing nothing, for if we do nothing then we are sure that nothing is going to happen, other than just get older.

Everyone who tries even the "gives it a go" stance makes an effort and gets 10/10 for just doing that. Those that do nothing still get nothing 0/10, so already we have a degree of success for just seeing what we can do. And many the time that someone wins a competition or whatever it's often those that are behind the No.1 slot that do very well indeed because they proven to others that they can do whatever they do well. Like in sports the difference between being No.1 and No.7 is sometimes thousandths of a second, so basically they are all great winners, it's just a minute technicality that produces a pecking order.

Forget the media shows making young bright aspiring people into moguls of great magnitude, it's for the most part hype, well it would be it's on television, but those judging have all been grand failures or even had very chequered backgrounds, and not everyone is an expert at everything, businesses and the ways forward are not linear at all, so there are permutations and ways and means of getting to number one, not just one route.
Other people's views which are predominantly subjective often have no bearing whatsoever on one's ability, we see that at football matches every week where there are millions of armchair experts many of them too fat and unhealthy themselves giving advice on the agility of others.

Success is with us every second of the day, even if we have experienced degrees of not being successful to date, our braking point or our tipping point may just be around the corner so let no one not even our mind talk say otherwise. We run our lives not others, we are successful as we are, we've made it this far and will continue to do so for time to come, so breathe in success, even on the dull wet cold days, success is still that sweet smell in the air, just take a deep breath and go for it.

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