Thursday, 22 July 2010


Happiness is one of those emotive words that people seek to co-join to some event or aspect of life or a gift or material possession, yet it's non of these things at all. Yes we can be happy if we win the Lottery or get a new fancy car or clothes or fabulous multi-sound - experience television, or go out for dinner on our birthday with loves ones, all those things and more can give us great pleasure. But transient pleasure and happiness is just that as it may override the difficulties of the day or moment, but it won't white wash over life and what underlies it all.

Happiness is already within us, forget the books, guru's, and anything else, we all have happiness within so we need stop looking or seeking it out as it's not lost. Our minds control everything in life, from breathing to eating and what we wear, happiness is part of the automatic drop down menu in the mind that can be selected at any time should we so wish. If we link happiness to anything outside of our body, relationships, finances, health, material benefits etc, then we have temporarily suspend it from our  drop down menu and then we react with glum faces and deeds and speak with dull tones because our deed of negativity is now overriding any happiness that's available for us to latch on to.

It's true that some people have a better disposition on looking at life and make the best of what they have regardless of what's around them, whilst others concede to events and allow events and circumstances to dictate how they feel. It's sad and rather pathetic that this happens but it's often an educational level and helplessness of life as seen by them that makes them do it, it's also totally selfish too.

Happiness reflects how we think and feel overall about life, happy people get on better, are more healthy and allow opportunities to come their way, whilst less happy or indeed unhappy people are always seeing life from below the base line and looking for clues and conduits to try to elevate themselves or latch on to what they think others have got and they haven't, they rarely find such as their mentality shuts it all out.  Life is what we make it and if we compare we are always going to compare "upwards" i.e. what someone has got that we haven't, never the other way as we don't really care, we become judgmental about them.

Happy people attract happy people sad people attract what they deserve, when one makes a conscious decision to be happy regardless of circumstance it does something very positive to how we think and feel and we then see the "bigger picture" of life and we get an elevated feeling within that allows us to venture forward and elevate our thoughts to newer and higher levels without the need for others to lead, we feel the way forward.

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