Wednesday, 14 July 2010


There comes a time in the lives of most people when no matter what's going on around them, internally they feel lost, confused and somewhat alien as to who they are. What's going to happen, what does everything mean, life's purpose, and anything else that comes to mind, it can be somewhat different for each and everyone of us. For some a downturn in their lives proves an obstacle of great magnitude and one which even transcends imagination in how to get out of that situation. For others where wealth, health, family life etc all appear to be on a positive level a feeling of a void in the pit of the stomach turns life somewhat sour and even makes one's feelings towards those that one loves and respects turn cool and somewhat unresponsive that in itself causes consternation.

In times of mental turmoil one looks for both guidance and answers or solutions which have both meaning and clarity and are not composed of smart talk or verbiage which is shallow and offers nothing but ponderances and further mental anguish. The idea that "out there" there are people of a 'saged' disposition that can at one fell swoop offer solutions and resolution is almost farcical, and negates those who proffer psycho-babble conversations and coaches who are only as good as the last book they have read. The "saged" people who do have foresight do not offer themselves to the needy as their conversations are not absorbed by the selfish and narrow minded.

The bottom line is the 'self' it's not situations outside of our control that we for some reason can't get to grips with, it's not the lack which we see looming large or in some cases has already arrived, it's how we deal with it all and how our mind assimilates everything around us in a holistic way and manner. The viewpoint that if outside circumstances are changed "then I'll be OK" is pedestrian and whilst it may initially solve a dilemma in the long term the outlook is still fragile and subject to an even greater upset within both physically and mentally. As our mind controls our physical status it goes without saying that we need to nurture how we think in order to survive and enjoy life to the full.

There are solutions, there are resolutions, there are directives, there are answers and there is wisdom too, all of which are based upon the positivity of life and not down to internal negativity which is drummed up with shallow gaols of the self and based upon negative emotions taking the lead in one's mind. Life takes no prisoners, it holds no captives, it has no favourites, it gives no favours, life was here before we were and it will most certainly be here after us including all the enviromentalists who prescribe doom from impending actions of man himself.

Life is for living, it's here now, if we don't make the best of it, then it's our choice, but making the best of it isn't about talking everything in front of you because if you don't someone else will, it's about you being at one with yourself and still getting the best of what you and life can offer, big difference.

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