Tuesday, 27 July 2010


We all do it, we all say it, we all think it too, we have an event ahead of us that we not only look forward to but relish the thought of. It could be a holiday, an outing, a family function, Christmas, a child's graduation, a football match, whatever it is, it's on our "looking forward to" event schedule in our minds. There's nothing wrong with that, it's good that we have future events in our lives because it means we interact with life and others to allow such events to take place, it's part of living. Where it all goes wrong however is that many make these future events their sole craving and in between just live out a somewhat meagre existence.

There are even bigger events too that are time labelled such as retirement, significant birthdays, children eventually leaving home even if it's only to University, it's still significant and its emotional too. Offspring grown up where did the time go? We can also have the biggest letdowns and bouts of sadness and regret too by our lengthy forward planning because we might never ever get to that point or if we do circumstances may have changed just so drastically that it's even beyond a major re-think of what to do. The expression "there's no time like the present" is often just so apt. Our hopes, dreams, that world cruise on retirement can't now ever become a reality because of permanent ill health. The house extension so that on retirement we can sit in the conservatory and read and enjoy life has lost interest, and so it all goes on.

Some events are time related and there's no getting away from it, many are not, the significance of what we want to do at a certain time is more of a trophy to ourselves, so if we can afford to do it now then why not and enjoy the benefits now and also beyond. We should never ever postpone happiness nor confine it to a future event at the cost of not enjoying the present, as the future event will come and go and then all will be flat, living from peak to peak has its negative repercussions.  Life is to be enjoyed every day and there are many things to enjoy even if they are just friends and family, those that forever need something new which is different from a challenge in life have to search their minds for the reasons why or they will be permanently moody and low.

We have but one chance in life, that chance is interspersed with good events and some not so good and not of our own making or choosing. In order to enjoy what we have and who we are, we have to carry a positive disposition with us and that will enhance our life beyond measure. If we dwell in the doldrums we will bock out clarity and vision and all in front will seem deadly, dull and there will be no future because we can't even see the present will clear eyes. By making the best of life no matter what that is, we will increase our chances of attracting better things happening and that will have a knock on effect and so it will go on, it will be noticed by those around us too to a positive effect also.  

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