Thursday, 8 July 2010


Whether we believe in God or not we are all going to die one day. If we believe in God then we will have our views which will have been well and truly indoctrinated into us by our religious leaders who in turn are just lap dogs to religion itself. No one created God but Man created religion and there lies the great distinction and there lies the untruths and the myths and all the nonsense and rubbish that each religion boasts that their God is the real one, well it's all rubbish. God is based upon "Love" religions, despite what they say harbour hatred and killings and discrimination and everything else that they don't like.

Some religions read out the last rights, others bury their dead whilst almost still warm, but it's really rubbish at the end of the day. If someone dies at sea, gets burned in a fire, gets frozen to death climbing a mountain, eaten by a lion etc, what happens then? Does God forsake them, won't you now go to heaven, have you jumped out of the queue for all the fees the undertakers would have taken and the church taken too? Have you short changed all the greedy people in between life and death?

The truth is if you believe in God then that's more than enough to secure your place in heaven or wherever you think you are going to go. Unless of course you are an Islamic terrorist and they will have vestal virgins awaiting them for having killed on earth. (Where do these mental Muslims people come from and what religion subscribes to this)?

Paying one's respects is hypocrisy as it does no good whatsoever except for the ego of the family and showmanship. Visiting a funeral for someone one hasn't seen for years is pathetic, why didn't you go when they were alive, it's just guilt and self induced pomp. Unless it's a celebrity funeral, and you can shed your crocodile tears in front of the press for more publicity such is the cheap nature of celebrities, that's if they aren't in rehab at the time.

Of course you may be one of those that subscribes to the Darwinian theory and be an agnostic or atheist or even an alien, and then it matters not what happens to you. After all you started out millions of years ago as a mistake and have ended up now as a mistake too so who cares. Enjoy your short spell here because the next place where others deem to go you won't be there.

The pomp and solemnity is a facile experience, and being unhappy for the bereaved is a useless place to end up in. Life is for the living, and if the bereaved really loved you, then they would definitely not want you to be unhappy because of their demise, in fact it's a bloody insult. Of course it's all initially upsetting and there is a void within, and it's strange to feel feelings of what one would like to have said and didn't and all the other stuff. But the bottom line is that the love of the bereaved still lives on within your mind forever. Going around dressed in black looking like you are a zombie isn't Godly, it isn't respectful and it certainly isn't human and whats more it makes you look creepy too.

If you believe in God then your loved ones whether they died at sea presumed lost or they were buried whilst still warm are now with God, despite the pot bellied pathetic priests and clergy prancing around like something from a sanctimonious soap opera and going through robotic rituals. For those that don't believe, sod it, you've come to the end of the road, bye bye.

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