Tuesday, 13 July 2010


So many people today are seeking that "key" or "Spiritual guidance" or "that something" to try and appease their inner thoughts as to what life is all about, or supposedly all about, and to date no one has found it. Granted there are those who have found inner peace but that's not the same thing and it doesn't rest with all that many people either as they need to have some kind of goal or purpose for peace to fit nicely in to. A bit like drinking vintage champagne from a plastic cup, it's just not quite right.

Much of the self which is in trouble or not residing well with life is due not to circumstances although that may be a contributing factor, it's about what we take in from all around us and then process it accordingly. It's this processing that gets all awry as we put in the pot "what we think, what we want, what others have got, I need this, I want that", and so it all goes on, lists and lists of all about me. And whilst there's nothing wrong about wanting something we often end up in a "carrot and donkey" scenario where everything is always just that bit beyond us and thus we never really become happy. 

The right mentality and attitude, love, compassion, etc all have positive effects on us as to going forward with hope and ability directly linked to one another. Those who are selfish and self centred and think only for themselves reap their rewards but on a different level, even if they eventually get what they seek, more often than not it's all hollow and burdens the soul to intolerably proportions.

Daydreaming is fine but reality is better, we are solely responsible for our lives no matter what breaks we get or help, we are the only ones to live our lives and there the 'buck' rests with us. Happiness is never illusive unless you forever seek it out. But as it's already within you seeking it our as if one is about to discover the language of life always makes the self neurotic, insular, withdrawn and more often than not cranky,  and then lean on spiritual things or religion as a way out, it never is. Communing with fellow man, offering the goodness from within helps the equilibrium of life, it helps transcend the ruffled edges and provides a stability that many pay for from seeing pseudo-psycho coaches and counsellors who are far from stable themselves.

Keeping an even keel, not listening to every bit of gossip and hyped news, not lapping up the debauched prose in magazines is one way to be stable too and put yourself before those who have no bearing upon your life. We have many choices in life, more than we think, and we must not foster the idea that "out there" is someone who knows the answer, because it's not true, we are both the question and the answer and fooling ourselves only brings further misery and disappointment to life.

Make sure that you enjoy life without questioning or being judgmental, you can still have an opinion, but make sure it's not going to alter your character to such an extent that life will never be on your terms and thus you will end up a failure and a misery. Smile as often as you can, expect nothing back and reap the bonus rewards that will come towards you.

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