Wednesday, 28 July 2010


One of the biggest obstacles in our lives is ourselves, it's ourselves we have to convince that we need to do something then it's ourselves that needs to do it then it's ourselves that needs to either reap the rewards of having done it or make amends if it all goes wrong. Procrastination  isn't an option in life as time moves forward even if we don't. We don't want to offer or farm out our abilities to others as with time we become redundant humans who lose the ability to make plans of value on ourselves, life and all that's in it.

Many people seemingly come to am impasse in life, a place where "we just don't know what to do", and depending upon the problems and / or circumstances we can get into a terrible mental quagmire where we can't see the way forward or that it's impossible to ever get out of the current situation as it appears so enormous. The positive minded people see the obstacles as part of the solution so they eventually find a way out, gain further knowledge and become successful in their venture after that. The negatively minded people just stare at the height of the obstacle not realising that down the road there are steps, lifts, escalators that will take us to the top and beyond.

Nothing in life outside of death itself is an obstacle, perceptions and mind evaluations play a major part in  how we see life and how life treats us. Nothing resides in isolation unless we make it so, we are the sole instigators of whom we are, despite what happens around us. We either let circumstances dictate who we are or we say I'm in charge of my life not circumstances  as they are subject to change and are transcient and I'm not settling for this, and then move forward. Winning or losing in life is a perception based upon external factors, you can win and have nothing you can lose and have everything it's but just a name apportioned by others without credentials, it's almost an ego trophy nothing more. Where you reside in life and what you do is down to you, not missed opportunities nor anything else, it is how you are reside in your mind, nowhere else. Those that say "I've tried everything" are shallow and narrow, they have only tied what they know, preferring to close the doors on the unlimited options of what they don't know yet and overlook actions that would bring at least some of those yet to discover options into focus.

What do you do when you don't know what to do? Do anything, but doing nothing is a self driven move towards failure and unhappiness.

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