Thursday, 8 July 2010


Our attitude is everything, it represent who we are, how we think, what we feel, our opinions, our negative traits, our positivity, it is in fact our "Shop Window" to life itself. People rightly or wrongly judge us by our attitude as they initially have nothing else to go on as to how we are. And until we fill in the pieces to elaborate further then our "Attitude" is the hook by which others latch on to.

We all know people who are bad tempered, who have ego problems, who have indeed attitude problems, and like a bad smell we keep well away from them. Negativity is evil in disguise, and a bad attitude houses plenty of negativity and its something we pick up upon very quickly as we don't like it at all, it makes us feel insecure.

A good attitude can open doors, give us help, allow us entry into areas that others are shut out of, it can give us a camaraderie with life that's uplifting, predominantly peaceful and above all it sustains our verve and drive in the realms of hope and success and achievement. A bad attitude always faces an uphill struggle, resentment, depression, tensions, and like many a religion it harbours degrees of hatred, although it's never seen that way it's always put about that it's everyone else and never the self, but who's fooling whom?

Personal feelings, circumstances, events should never ever hamper our uplifting attitude from within, as it serves no purpose whatsoever. By looking at the positive side of life we bounce back far quicker than those who wallow in their own misery and try and drag others in to it too to appease their own selfishness.

Life is good, don't listen to others or the media nor anyone else that says otherwise. Even the greatest catastrophes have a silver cloud, moping about what's happened will not change the event it will only distract you finding a better place that exists right now.

Good comes to the good, bad finds its own level, don't step over the line ever as you will by default be inviting what may permanently damage not only your thoughts but your whole life ahead. Life is for living, make sure you live it well...

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