Thursday, 8 July 2010


It's imperative that our minds are as proficient as they can be, that we know who we are, where we are and that life holds immense possibilities ahead of us. Where we are right now is a culmination of events and situations, whether they are good or not so good should not affect our happiness trail. The moment we apportion aspects of life as to why we can't be happy we have given over our power of reason to circumstances and once that happens we lose the plot.

Life is not fair, we are born into a life that isn't fair, there are no laws pertaining to fairness, fairness is something that man has created himself under a "moral" code that sees goodness in areas where others suffer. However, there are those the selfish and the mean who always want something for nothing, taking from life and never give such is their narrow nature. But for the majority of us, striving to live a happy life at all costs is a paramount consideration.

Regardless of what one might be going through, we are in charge of our feelings and emotions, and as long as we realise that we can overcome and make ourselves resilient to the negativity that's around us and allow ourselves to see the good which is there is we only but look.

If we take our eyes of positivity and allow the "woe is me" attitude to prevail we will automatically lose sight of the endless possibilities and ways out from where we are to something far better. Positive people get more help than negative people.

Our attitude is just so important, if our attitude - which is our shop window to the world, one which others see us by stinks, then we stink too, and who wants someone like that? However, we all have free choice, so it's up to you... Enjoy...

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